Recommended by Jacquelyn Reingold

  • She's Not There
    6 Sep. 2022
    Wow. This sharp, compelling play draws you in with its funny, edgy meet cute with irony, but takes a meaningful turn when the writer shows the underbelly of her intentions. Its darkness is revealed with complexity and nuance - while its shining writing keeps you engaged. The dialogue sparkles, the characters pop off the page, and the story follows their tragic yet surprising yet inevitable arcs. It uses a physicalized and theatrical metaphor to depict the struggle of mental illness. Audiences will, no doubt, be entertained, surprised, moved, and have a lot to talk about!
  • The Rex Family: Jocasta and Oedipus
    14 Aug. 2022
    Wow, what a wild take on Oedipus, Jocasta, Tiresius, Helen, Calliope and Aristotle, to name just a few of the satirized Greeks in this creative whirlwind of a play filled with: crashing anachronisms, endless word play, theatrical physicalized imagery, and an irreverent take on... everything. The ancient and classic clashes with modern, post modern, and post post modern (I suspect?). I so enjoyed how this writer throws it all out there, mixes it up with humor and wit, and keeps the reader thinking. Very female forward, which is a wonderful thing to applaud.
  • Night Witch
    15 Dec. 2021
    A flying tour de force! A play that celebrates in high style, the historic contribution of these undervalued heroes! I learned, I admired, I was compelled, as I followed this amazing woman's story. Thank you to the playwright for finally telling this important soaring tale.
  • The Gift
    9 Dec. 2021
    Harrowing. Brilliant. This play somehow accomplishes the impossible: it almost sneakily draws us inside its world, so we both feel for these characters, while we follow them into a surprising yet inevitable nightmare of death and despair. The personal, the political, the present, the past, our hearts, our minds, are all tapped in this compelling page turner of a play. A tour de force for two actors. I hope to see it on a stage near me, soon. It should be done: everywhere.
  • I Think I Would Remember If I Had Sex With Denzel Washington
    18 Aug. 2021
    This is a WONDER of a one-act! Funny, poignant, touching, a total delight! I had a huge on smile on my face through out. What else is there?? LOVE!
  • On the Porch
    17 Apr. 2021
    Thrilled to read a play with two women in their 50’s-60, grappling with their perspectives on aging. Loved Sylvia’s unwillingness to be BS cheery for anyone! And how their honest misery unites them. A great piece for two ever amazing women in their 50’s-60. Funny and poignant. I'd love to see it staged and I’d love to see these two characters again!
  • The Peace of Home
    15 Apr. 2021
    Oh, my, another stunning short play by Mildred Lewis. The complexities of love and race and how to survive in the time of COVID. All there, in ten minutes. With nuance and authenticity and tenderness. Wow.
  • We Jump Broom
    15 Apr. 2021
    I'm left speechless, after reading this giant of a 10-minute play. Its beauty speaks for itself. You must, must read it. And produce it. Now.
  • Kevorkian's Cat
    15 Apr. 2021
    A gem of a piece, between a cat and a woman, both facing loss in different ways. This "chesire" is a treasure. A wonderful puzzle of a play, filled with heart, humor, and theatricality. Exquisite!
  • The Caregivers
    14 Apr. 2021
    This harrowing-in-the-best way play about a middle aged daughter and a professional caregiver, in true conflict over the ending lives of--both their mothers, hit close to home. A tour de force for two women actors! I would love to see this wrenching, complex, beautifully written drama on stage. Even though it would break my heart. But that is why I go to the theater. To look at the dark places. To feel, and sometimes mourn, freely in the dark. And to be think about the fragility of our lives, and the nightmares of inequity. Bravas to this playwright!