Plus One

10-MINUTE: Shari's thrilled to have her new girlfriend, Deanna, as her guest to her cousin's wedding... that is, until Deanna throws an unexpected punch during the reception.
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Plus One

Recommended by

  • Patrick Flynn:
    26 Mar. 2018
    Funny, pithy, and poignant. Excellent exploration of the many levels of damage homophobia can do. And it does not go where you think it will.
  • Brittany Alyse Willis:
    3 Jul. 2017
    I was lucky enough to see a reading of this incredibly funny (and sincere!) play and enjoyed it tremendously. Bavoso skillfully explores homophobia (and biphobia within the queer community) with the cadence of a screwball comedy. Even when I thought I knew where the scene was headed next, Bavoso proved me wrong, catching my assumptions off-guard in the best ways!

    And, hey, two GREAT roles for women here!

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