Recommended by David Hansen

  • Monsters Are Made
    2 Apr. 2018
    "You know you're a rapist but you don't even know what rape means." To what extent should we understand the assailant, the rapist? What do you do with a perpetrator who demands his own punishment, when doing so is merely another form of control, dominance, and presence?

    This is a strong two-hander, currently in development, one that poses difficult questions, with violence and humor, but openly searching for a true and honest path to justice and redemption.
  • Before Evening Comes
    1 Apr. 2018
    A Dystopian parable, set in a near-future where all African-American men are legal bound to make a very specific sacrifice to maintain their own survival. In days past, those enslaved told of people who could fly (and escape their captors) and that story is wound up in this, a moving and lyric tale of the men who are complicit in the system and the women who sacrifice everything to save their children from it. Highly recommend.
  • The Family Claxon
    16 Dec. 2017
    Relentlessly funny, delightfully grotesque, and an extremely timely allegory for 21st century America, this fast-paced disaster play pits one quintessentially fatuous modern family against the forces of entropy which currently envelop our society. And there's cake!
  • Zamboni Godot
    6 Oct. 2017
    Halliday's protagonists wait everywhere -- in the emergency room, at the amusement park, at the BMV -- highlighting modern issues and anxieties in this hilarious, absurdist deconstruction of Beckett's classic text. The original is merely a template for the playwright's spare and insightful examination of every contemporary indignity. Very, very funny, and "100% Bechdel Test Approved!"
  • The Wayward Bunny
    25 Sep. 2017
    A brilliant existentialist thriller which leaves the reader on-edge and uncertain until the last moment ... and beyond. A compact company of diverse ages makes this an eminently producible play; strongly recommended!
    25 Sep. 2017
    The Ultimate Millennial Road Trip Play! Exciting, youthful, shrewd and challenging, this is an inspiring, forward-leaning work. We must believe the Rains and Zoes are going to save the world.
  • Waiting For Waiting For Godot
    24 Sep. 2017
    An absurd and hilarious rumination on the existential anxiety of life in the theater, faithful to its inspirational source but uniquely original. I am not recommending my own work, I am spelled differently.
  • 1980 (Or Why I'm Voting For John Anderson)
    14 Sep. 2017
    A fitting parable for our times, reflecting upon that greatest of American traditions, believing in a loser. Each of four characters believe in the underdog, and each for their own reasons, and how they deal with disappointment and disillusionment make up the powerful and devastating thrust of the narrative. It's a great read, and will make an excellent period piece with a contemporary message.
  • Death and Cockroaches
    14 Sep. 2017
    Packed with humor, honesty, and a surprising number of dicks, this is a hilarious and extremely relatable tale about coping with illness and ageing parents. Strongly recommended.
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven
    3 Sep. 2017
    This brief pieces captures the intense urgency of adolescence, making real those (for some of us) long-past but extremely crucial urges and dreams, those boundaries we set for ourselves, and those we yearn to overcome. It's charming and honest and funny, and I would love to see an entire evening of "in the coat closet" plays, including this one.