Recommended by David Hansen

  • Wonder of Our Stage
    2 Jun. 2019
    A deeply pleasurable contemplation on the nature of the human, and what makes us so, Cross in this play also playful tweaks the myths surrounding Shakespeare and the suggestion that did not write his own work. Elements of many of the Bard’s work, entwined with homages to Frankenstein, Pinocchio, and all stories of a child or creation in conflict with their parent or creator. Elegiac and inspiring, a must-read!
  • Ripped
    28 May. 2019
    An important and timely script that haunts the reader/audience member long after the closing image. Bublitz has expertly crafted a #MeToo narrative which robs anyone of the option of rushing too quickly to judgement. Highly recommended not only for production but to foster deep discussion on rape culture, communication, empathy, consent, and culpability.
  • Brujaja
    4 May. 2019
    Set in La Doña, a botanica or shop for alternative medicine and practices, this script is an elegant story of modern America with deep, multicultural roots. "You cannot pretend to know all the answers," says the mother to the daughter, and it is an important lesson. As DuPrey's brief play reminds us, we cannot ultimately hold back change, but that we have each other to guide us through difficult times. Highly recommended.
  • Tastes like Chicken
    4 May. 2019
    An hilarious and intentionally politically-incorrect burlesque, Barnes has created a dysfunctional family satire about the abdication of personal responsibility, and how easy it is become a complete sociopath when there is someone there to reassure you that it is all right. The social contract is flimsy and fragile, and also flammable. Love it!
  • Am I White
    28 Apr. 2019
    Dawes' striking and effective play questions the very nature of race, and the madness that inflicts our nation as a result of our original sin -- not just slavery, but the self-hypnosis under which we put ourselves to create an artificial concept called "race" by which others are held apart. A taut prison drama set in the months before 9/11, it was a startling reminder of a time when it was unthinkable that a white supremacist could ever become President again. Highly recommended!
    28 Apr. 2019
    Swanson's Gothic investigation of this near-forgotten mother of forensic investigation is rich with gallows humor, presenting an unreliable narrator whose live was dedicated to making the unseen seen. Highly presentational and also gripping weaving the true and imagined stories we tell, used for controlling women, to mold their behavior, which is true of our folk tales, as well as our modern television procedural dramas. A very intelligent narrative of gender, class, race, and violence, compelling and very timely.
  • Cooties
    27 Apr. 2019
    Recore has written a whip-smart college roommate sex comedy, hysterical and at sudden turns touching and poignant. featuring crisp, hip and knowing dialogue, aloof and outrageous, with potential sex partners circling each other at arms length, like as if La Ronde were called L'amibe. Ultimately, however, its about young people yearning not to be alone, expressed at times through verse and movement, with an audacity I envy. It is the comic strip I wanted to have written in college.
  • spoons
    26 Apr. 2019
    “Spoons” is an urgent and intimate two-hander, one with crackling, witty dialogue and compelling, charismatic characters. It walks a careful line down the middle, present issues of trauma, sex work and compassion from male and female perspectives. I would love to see this performed on-stage.
  • Shalah
    26 Apr. 2019
    Merilo has created a very timely play, communicating the sense of danger, fear, and dread that those who are defined as others must live with, every day. This is an elegant take on The Merchant of Venice, told from the Jewish characters' point of view which I very much enjoyed reading. Shakespeare is important. Redeeming Shakespeare is also important. It is a marvelous interpretation.
  • Wanderer
    24 Apr. 2019
    Graff has crafted a brief work of mournful longing, one which includes a strong theme of acceptance. A site-specific piece, I can see and feel the characters moving among a gathered audience near abandoned tracks. Give it a read!