Recommended by David Hansen

  • Sapience
    23 Apr. 2019
    Burbano's script resides in a laboratory, one ostensibly for the study of great apes, specifically one orangutan named Wookie. But we the audience witness a larger experiment in human interaction, between hyper-intelligent folks on the spectrum. between races, human sexuality and illness, the effect of singing Echo & the Bunnymen in a controlled environment. How do our minds work? How much do we yet not know? How can we be aware of death and not go insane? It's a thought-provoking, compassionate work, and I seriously recommend it.
  • Paper or Plastic
    23 Apr. 2019
    Jade & Brown describe in realistic detail the fear of missing out, fretting over applications and aspirations, the helplessness one feels acting as the adult for parents whose own marriages and lives are falling apart. Stevens & Wooden have created some lovely pop ballads for their characters, I'd love to hear them performed by actual teen performers. This is a fun and fabulous musical and I hope it goes places!
  • Before Lesbians
    23 Apr. 2019
    This play might have been titled "Inventing Lesbians," as our Civil War era protagonists discover in themselves something they had never had reason to believe has ever existed before, and create without guidance a language for a desire, a passion, and a lasting devotion. It's a beautiful, heartbreaking love story, and one I highly recommend!
  • The Subtle, Sublime Transformation of Benny V.
    21 Apr. 2019
    Martin's play starts as a workplace comedy expands into a warm, open-hearted exploration of the human experience, and one man’s adventures attempt to experience life and everything it has to offer. It also has a lot to say about cynicism and doubt, those trolls who surround us and live within us, who work tirelessly to tear down even our most modest ambitious. It's full of wonder, hope and humor, and I highly recommend it.
  • The Cabots of Broadway
    19 Apr. 2019
    Hatfield presents a compact historical fiction, an American theater dynasty. The Cabots suffer triumph and tragedy that spans the 20th Century, offers of fame and wider audiences (European tours, the allure of Hollywood, and later TV) elusive and sometimes fraught. It's a charming portrait of "the life" and the sacrifices folks made to live it. How could they not?
  • The All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret
    19 Apr. 2019
    MacCarthy's cabaret is a hilarious romp about gender fluidity; butch, douche, femme, fuckboi, a 90s retro dance party with an awful lot of real live making out. As they say on social media, "It's complicated." But it's awesome. And deep. And ultimately open-hearted and moving. I want to see this play at a theater near me.
  • Craigslisted
    19 Apr. 2019
    "Craigslisted" is a subversive feminist commentary on poverty, empowerment, and agency. It's also charming, whimsical, with a touch of menace, peopled with hilarious and engaging characters and playful situations. I would love to be a fly on the wall for post-show conversations for this one!
  • Death and The Tramp (El Muerto Vagabundo)
    16 Apr. 2019
    Escobar has written a lovely Día de Muertos play for children and families is presented in English and Spanish, and also through shadow puppetry, projections and several other magical stage elements to weave a tale of memory, loss and despair, as well as remembrance, determination, and hope, told with delight and clarity. The narrative takes on real world significance, as loss comes in many forms, death being only one of them. A beautiful work for a troubling time.
  • The Bloodless Jungle
    16 Apr. 2019
    With this political drama, Jones presents a slate of characters with varying agendas, from the unpaid volunteers to the highly paid operatives, each with distinct, vivid personalities, surrounding that rare politician who will not compromise his ideals in order to win an election. The playwright doesn't traffic in types, providing each sympathetic arguments. It's hard to take sides, even in today's political climate. It's taut, compelling, quite relevant and highly recommended.
  • Antigone's Sister
    16 Apr. 2019
    A deft and powerful re-imagining of the Antigone myth, one in which the playwright aggressively seeks to subvert the dominant paradigm. Cleaving to Sophocles' original, Goldman-Sherman has created an astonishing and original emulation of the structure of both Greek tragedy and comedy. The women's tragedy is lyrical and knowing, the men ignorant, fearful and low. A compelling tale for our times.