Recommended by David Hansen

  • Blindfolded into the Dark
    23 Apr. 2017
    Ramos's play lunges fearlessly into the abyss of terrorism, presenting hilarious Pythonesque debates between captor and captive on the nature of reality, and wrangling with the inevitable, absurd bureaucracy inherent in any organization. He presents the barbaric hideousness of modern warfare, but through ridiculous, intelligent and very funny dialogue and characters Ramos promises that hope for the future rests within each of us.
  • Once A Spy
    19 Apr. 2017
    Bublitz's biographical piece on the WWII experiences of Nancy Wake, member of French Resistance, is brisk and exciting. Told in brief episodes, our heroine handles many dangerous situations with confidence and determination. The play has many characters, but Bublitz has written it so that it can be performed by as few as six performers. It would make for excellent high school productions; thrilling and with strong historical context. The feminist angle is important, too.
  • Girl Becomes Bone
    17 Apr. 2017
    This story of human inhabitants on an alien world who have been unable to emotionally and psychologically leave their abandoned planet of origin behind is a fascinating and emotionally satisfying rumination on the way we use religion to attempt (and often fail) to make sense of inexplicable loss. Highly recommended.
  • Use All Available Doors
    13 Apr. 2017
    Willis skillfully plumbs points of transition, because those are not the places people understand they exist; we believe we are where we were or where we are going. "In transit" is not real. Stasis. The waiting. Hell is other passengers. But there are also moments of magic and grace and absurdity. Any time strangers dance together I am giddy.
    11 Apr. 2017
    This play on the subject of conception succeeds in that it is not about that one thing, but how the urgent need some feel to procreate affects all things, past, present and future combined, and that the more control you believe you have over the creation and development of life, the greater the chance for disillusionment, heartbreak and loss. Compelling, sympathetic, with several dynamite characters for women.
  • This is How you Got Me Naked or My Sexy Fairytale
    9 Apr. 2017
    Weingarten writes entirely absurd but plausible Millennial dialogue with absolutely no shame. If I didn't know any better, I would think this piece was written specifically to piss off my Baby Boomer colleagues. Drop dead hilarious.
  • DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON-Reginald Edmund
    4 Apr. 2017
    DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON is a thrilling survival adventure, historical and poetic, with strong themes on race, gender, and empowerment. This script would make an excellent educational touring production for audiences high school and older.
  • Greyout
    4 Apr. 2017
    GREYOUT explores true-to-life horror and sorrow, plumbing the depths of bad memory, but leavened with a seriously twisted, guignol-esque conclusion. Loved it.