Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

    13 Nov. 2018
    Powerful. Hoke tells a story that grabs you immediately and takes you through more emotional layers than any elevator could, Brava!
  • The Last Seven Shakers
    4 Nov. 2018
    A thought provoking play that explores mortality through a fresh and human view. Is it better to stick with tradition and have your world die with you or try to rebuild? Is there a bit of glory In being the last? Choinacky explores these questions within a tiny universe.
  • A People [a mosaic play]
    4 Nov. 2018
    A beautiful tapestry woven from laughter and tears. Poetic and epic. Each vingette touches the heart and raises questions, but moves so fluidly into the next, that the reader is hardly aware that fleeting glimpse has shifted.
  • Bottle Fly
    4 Nov. 2018
    A haunting play that both kicks you in the gut and takes you beyond ordinary human emotions. Raw, yet polished. Readers should take a deep breath before reading, because they won't exhale until ten minutes after the last word.
    6 Jul. 2018
    A haunting play that runs deep below the surface. Kyle and Becky long for understanding and find it as they rediscover their past relationship in today’s terms. The dialog is well written, allowing the audience to understand the depth of feeling without being beaten over the head.
  • Split Pea Pod
    6 Aug. 2017
    Funny, clever, and sweet -- Alex Dremann creates a world where romance is alive, but far from sacred. Dremann depicts our desire to commit versus our desire to hold on to our status quo. More twist and turns in this play than a wooden roller coaster, Dremann keeps us on the edge of our seats. In the end, love wins out -- or does it?
    4 Jul. 2017
    "Monessen Falls" by Greg Burdick is a well-played drama that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The characters are real -- both flawed and yearning. Burdock is not afraid to explore their darker sides and bring them to light. Hope to see this play fully staged.