Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • Child of Lions
    3 Apr. 2020
    In a “Child of Lions,” a reporter seeks to find the truth about a fantastical story. He discovers he reasons for searching the truth have more to do with what he himself has lost. Well done.
  • A Rising Tide (Lifts All Boats)
    2 Apr. 2020
    Robynne Graffam's play "A Rising Tide (Lifts All Boats)" depicts a world where climate change effects have become an immediate problem. As we witness each character deal with the problem in their own way, we see how we all deal with our issues -- ignoring, planning, and, perhaps, taking a leap of faith. Well done.
  • Mothers, Martinis, and Death
    30 Mar. 2020
    A honest and heartfelt collection of plays about coming of age and family struggles. Honest and well-told depiction from each character's perspective of themselves and their inward yearnings. Well done.
  • A SCAR
    29 Mar. 2020
    Anne Marie Cammarato’s “A Scar” is a devastating story of two families trapped in a cycle of pain from a private and public trauma. Cammarato weaves this “one step forward, two steps back” play through gripping and heartfelt dialogue, as each character reveals their pain, anger, and helplessness. Brilliant and, as stated above, devastating.
  • Pontiff Blues, or, the Smoke Break
    27 Mar. 2020
    Jared Delaney’s engaging dialogue and wit shine through in “Pontiff Blues or, the Smoke Break.” A well constructed play with surprising twists. I laughed out loud. This play would be a great addition to a short play festival.
    27 Mar. 2020
    Once again, Asher Wyndham creates an authentic dialogue that grabs us by the middle of the first phase and holds us to the last word. Granny Lola is real — we have seen her in stores, restaurants, and in our own homes. Great monologue with teeth.
    27 Mar. 2020
    Asher Wyndham has created a thoughtful springboard for devised theater with a million possibilities. “Life|Death: Open Text (#1) can be used by those new to or experienced in devised theater. Well done.
  • Cookies & Creamed
    26 Mar. 2020
    In “Cookies and Creamed”, Devin Randall takes us on journey as Damian reviews his life — the environment and experiences that have brought him to this crucial point in his life. A poignant look at gay community, addiction, and acceptance. Well done.
  • The Penis Play
    25 Mar. 2020
    “The Penis Play” is a hilarious and pointed ten-minute gem. Great addition to a political or any ten minute play festival. And wait for the punchline!
  • Eight Minutes, Twenty Seconds
    25 Mar. 2020
    John Yearly’s “Eight Minutes, Twenty Seconds” is beautiful and heartbreaking and authentic and hopeful. It is well-crafted and impossible to pause in reading. It’s a play that haunts you for days after reading.