Recommended by Donald E. Baker

  • The Cost of Dying
    12 Feb. 2021
    The dialogue between an assassin and his victim in a company restroom is oddly civilized, which makes this play all the more unsettling. Occasional humorous lines only heighten the tension. Super writing.
  • fat 43-year-old seeking a sugardaddy (a monologue)
    5 Feb. 2021
    A man on the cusp of middle age says, "‘Want’ is a four-letter word that haunts me." But for him, as for many of us, the word that truly haunts is a six-letter word: Regret. Regret for the youthful lack of self-esteem and courage that has left him with an unfulfillable longing for the chances not taken. A poignant and revealing monologue.
    2 Feb. 2021
    That rarity, a Civil War play that centers women, nurses, as full participants. The enlisted men of the "Irish Brigade" at their camp near Gettysburg are "ready to spill our guts for a country that hates the very look of us." So is the wounded African-American who turns up and whom the nurses must keep hidden from their cowardly commanding officer. The play deals with questions of duty, power, religion, and race, and each character's inward and outward conflicts and relationships are well drawn. A nice contemporary play in period dress.
  • Marie Dressler- Good Gal
    1 Jan. 2021
    If you want to see Marie Dressler act, check out "Tugboat Annie." If you want to get to know her, read this lovely monologue. At the end of her life, Marie has no illusions about herself, her career, or her fate. Diana Burbano has given us a fine work of self-acceptance.
  • The Goats of Christmas Present
    9 Nov. 2020
    This amusing two-hander for an older actress and younger actor would add a little something unexpected to any program of short holiday pieces. Stephen is gay, but his grandmother is the drama queen. She threatens to cancel Christmas if Stephen and his partner don’t tell her the secret she knows they’re hiding from her. Goats butt into the dialogue throughout, and in the end kids save Christmas. No goat rodeo, but an enjoyable ride for actors and audience alike.
  • Transcodicil
    23 Oct. 2020
    A delightful play about inheritance, leavened with wisecracks and shining a light into a corner of the transgender experience. The late Aunt Tammy teaches her transphobic sister that, literally, where there's a will there's a way. And we get to consider the difference between a codicil and a codpiece. Highly recommended.