Recommended by Donald E. Baker

  • The Disappearance of Greta
    17 Jan. 2022
    You may think you know this story--the SS searches for a boy and threatens members of the family they believe is hiding him. But the twists and turns this play takes will shatter your preconceptions. If you read it it will haunt you for days. Members of an audience lucky enough to see it performed will still be debating the ending the next day over breakfast. Highly recommended.
  • Competitive Bingo
    4 Jan. 2022
    In seventy years of playing bingo, rivals Mary and Susan have each won 1,503 games. They only have one more night to determine a lifetime champion, and for them "cutthroat" competition is no metaphor. This hilarious play would be comedy gold for two older actors and the two outsiders who inadvertently get in their way. A real treat.
  • Hotter Than Thoreau
    21 Dec. 2021
    Will they or won't they? Can connection survive detergent sensitivity? A rash nearly derails a rush to the bedroom--or the trampoline--but Henry David Thoreau plays matchmaker. A unique concept results in an engaging little play. Delightful.
  • Dead Movement
    21 Dec. 2021
    A seedy small-town hotel where people go to escape or to disappear; a cast of unique and memorable characters; a uneasy atmosphere; and a twist at the end that is well prepared but still surprising--another terrific play by John Patrick Bray.
  • Bird on a Tree Branch
    13 Dec. 2021
    Huddled in a basement with the infamous Palm Sunday tornados bearing down on them, a married couple and their unwilling guest confront long-held secrets, self-serving lies, long-standing grievances, and ingrained prejudices. A terrific character study that deserves wide-spread production.
  • (FULL LENGTH SCIFI THRILLER:) How to Field Dress an Android
    12 Dec. 2021
    Killing animals for sport is an ethical debate. Killing humans for sport is a sci-fi trope. But killing androids for sport? What if they look and act startlingly human? Do they have feelings? Do they have souls? What if the quarry bears more than a passing resemblance to someone you love? Pynn handles these questions with great skill in this unforgettable play.
  • Friendly's Fire (or, Guy Friendly Meets the Saint of Thieves)
    6 Dec. 2021
    This is a superb entry into the world of PTSD, where nightmares, memories, and figments of imagination become as real to the audience as they are to the soldier who was unable to save his brother after a helicopter crash during the Gulf War. This moving play needs to be read and produced. An eye-opening masterwork.
  • Stop Laughing Without Me
    23 Nov. 2021
    One of the revelations of playwrighting is discovering that audiences/readers find in your work things you never intended. In this play, Claude the playwright thinks he's written a drama, Sid the producer thinks he's reading a comedy. This short account of their discussion has a big payoff. Terrific work from Williams as always.
  • Up the Fall
    20 Nov. 2021
    A young girl with a disability discovers strength and independence she didn't know she had when she follows a squirrel through a portal into a world only she can save. A large but flexible cast with roles for adults and young people should appeal to community theaters. Designers would have fun with the costume possibilities for animals from various mythologies, which can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. This super fantasy with an uplifting message should delight audiences of all ages. Highly recommended. Get it from Next Stage Press.
  • Hairdresser on Fire
    18 Nov. 2021
    Lawrence needs love and Allan needs a needy lover. Lawrence's friends realize it's a recipe for disaster but Lawrence must figure that out for himself. Sickles handles his material--both its emotional and technical content--surehandedly in this relatively early work. The ending is highly satisfying but whether it's a happy one or not is for the audience/reader to decide. It's a great read and would be an even better production. Get it from Next Stage Press.