Recommended by David Davila

  • In Every Generation
    30 May. 2024
    A masterpiece of a play that asks its audience to wager the price of a people's identity against the survival of that very identity. Is it better to assimilate to the identity of the oppressor or die filled with a pride for your cultural and ethnic history? Everyone should read this play and it should be taught in schools. The perfect starting point for conversations around colonialism, fascism, and genocide in any generation across all racial, ethnic, and national identities.
  • Lluvia
    14 Apr. 2024
    I was very taken with the language and imagery of this beautiful play. This is the best play I've read in a long time! The themes are so important and spoken about so viscerally that it's almost scary. I also love the connection between colonialism and disease and righteousness. It's so beautiful and Saidi is such a badass character that I was cheering so loud at that ending!
  • Burritos Pa' Morir
    1 Nov. 2023
    Hijole! This burrito packs a punch... or a machete. Burritos Pa' Morir is a comedic masterpiece that takes Tejano culture and smothers it in blood, while simultaneously being a smart satirical take on gentrification and white supremacy. With a small cast and unit set, this is sure to be a huge hit for many theatres!
  • The American Dream
    30 Oct. 2023
    Yo!!!!! This play is a masterpiece. Seriously, a masterclass is dramatic tension. Ramirez sets the clock, raises the stakes as high as he can and pulls the trigger while the audience sits in stunned silence with baited breathe listening to the sound of each other's heartbeats. This is a play for the ages!
  • That Must Be the Entrance to Heaven or, The Dawn Behind the Black Hole
    30 Oct. 2023
    Brilliant, exhilarating, poetic, and so friggin deep! This play was absolutely stunning. A knock-out!!!
  • Bonnet Blues
    26 Aug. 2022
    A beautifully written story about a woman grasping at what is real before she loses what she loves. There are many many stories out there about dementia, but none so thrilling and poetic as this one. Cabrera uses scalpel sharp precision to create a story that walks the fine line between psycho-thriller and heartbreaking-drama.
  • Ascent (or the eighth wonder)
    25 Aug. 2022
    I was lucky enough to catch a reading of this at SolFest and it was such an uplifting and wonderful experience. This is one of the purest and most affective portrayals of a Mexican-American mother and daughter that I have ever witnessed on stage. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!
  • The Suncatchers of Sahel: An Ancestral Tale Told To Today's Griot, Part II: The Two Twilights
    1 Jul. 2022
    The epic tale of black queer love and joy continues and the stakes are even higher as this story crescendos to a shocking and terrifying end. I seriously can't wait to see a six hour production of these plays in one day. We'll get brunch, then part 1, then dinner, then part 2, then dancing and love-making all night long because that is exactly what these characters would want us to do. This is a major accomplishment for literature! Bravo!
  • The Suncatchers of Sahel: An Ancestral Tale Told To Today's Griot, Part I: The Crumble Under the Crescent
    1 Jul. 2022
    The openly queer black world that Burke creates in Suncatchers is beautiful to behold. This is an epic tale of love, loss, and betrayal that imagines what could have been and also what still could be if we remove white-supremacist-patriarchal power from queer-black spaces. It's a gorgeous story with fabulous elevated text and poetic dialogue with twists and turns and lots of steamy love scenes! This is a world I want to live in!
  • unqle play
    27 Mar. 2022
    Phew, UNCLE PLAY is a whammy of an emotional gut-punch. A gay uncle and a trans/non-binary niece excavate the pain and trauma their family has caused them and debate political issues through the lens of differing generations all while dealing with the heavy inevitability of Uncle's impending mortality as he slowly dies of cancer. It's a comedy believe it or not - with musical numbers and a whole lot of tears! Bravx!!!!!!!