Recommended by David Davila

  • Hi Bi
    9 May. 2020
    HI BI is a stirringly dark, and beautifully funny dive into the world of four bisexual adults living in New York City that examines the complexities and dualities of what they want and need. This gorgeously written and masterfully imagined work is dripping with poetic verse that hearkens to the great tradition of Latinx playwrights in America while providing the hilarious high-camp antics of a Harvey Fierstein play. The fact that I can't decide whether it ends as a tragedy or with comedic hope elevates this work into the realm of artistic masterpieces. Somebody, produce it!
  • Elijah
    26 Nov. 2018
    This play is remarkable. Equally funny as it is painful. You'll laugh and you will cry. This is heavy material dealt with in a very real way - the kind of stuff that wins a pulitzer. This needs to be produced.
  • Dumpster Fire
    14 Aug. 2018
    WOW! A hilarious, touching, and poignant look into what it means to be a young woman searching for her identity while trying to live up to everything demanded of her by society. Part history lesson, part absurdist comedy, part coming-of-age tale, this play had me rolling on the floor, then wiping away tears.