Recommended by David Davila

  • Switzerland
    9 Feb. 2021
    A play about regret that hits about as hard as Death of a Salesman and Follies. Katie sacrificed everything she ever wanted in life to help raise her little sister and now that her sister is leaving the nest Katie must face everything she gave up. This is a tear jerker to say the least, and a masterful piece of literature that deserves a star-driven production on Broadway ASAP!
  • Into The River I Went
    7 Feb. 2021
    Wow. Part horror play, part dissection of the generational effects of colonization on race, society, and gender - I was fully sucked into this mysterious mystical world and completely not ready for the ending. This play is literally the perfect play to produce today with it's intelligent contributions to the cultural conversation and it's utterly terrifying surrealism. I highly recommend!
  • Stoo's Famous Martian American Gumbo
    3 Feb. 2021
    A beautiful play for family audiences of all ages about celebrating the differences that make our cultures special. Barbot does a masterful job at explaining why people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities should be celebrated instead of feared - and he does it with food and song! These are important lessons about the dangers of xenophobia and the strengths of multiculturalism. Every child in the world should see this play and experience the wonderment of Stoo's tasty gumbo.
  • The Pentad Or Five Beastly Sodomitical Boys
    1 Feb. 2021
    Wow. This play truly haunted me - not just because it's staged as if it is a mysterious mystical ritual performed by seven gay witches, but also because it holds us accountable for remembering the forgotten gay men who suffered before us. It dares us to hearken their spirits and live our lives without shame as they may have dared to centuries before. The Pentad succeeds at being beautiful romantic, murderously witty, and dangerously sexy while challenging audiences to question the mystical teachings and moral standards thrusted on us by society. Bravo!
  • Sancocho
    1 Feb. 2021
    The smells of onion, cilantro, and garlic wafted through my imagination as I fell desperately in love with Caridad and her magical sancocho. I was lucky enough to attend the exquisite Milagro workshop production and in the span of a 90 minute real-time visit from her little sister I ran the full gamut of emotions from anger and betrayal to absolution and contentment as I wept in silent joy for the pure love these two women shared for their family, their food, and their father. This was my absolute favorite play of 2020! Bravo!
  • The Jersey Devil Is a Papi Chulo
    1 Feb. 2021
    Set the entire theatre on fire because this play is hot as hell! Never in my life have I seen a play as funny as this, that is also a searing social sentencing of "woke" white saviors failing at decolonizing their views of Latinas. You will scream in rage at the idiocy of indigenous erasure while laughing so hard you could pee yourself. It's got all the camp of a B-Movie while also intelligently debating the complexities of assimilation within the Latinx diaspora. These Latinas, like our ancestors, will do what they have to in order to survive.
  • Coquito
    26 Jan. 2021
    I was lucky enough to attend a reading of this play and I literally bawled my eyes out! This slice of life follows several years in the life of a middle aged woman who dreams of love and makes the best damn coquito in New York City. We only get to see her the last few minutes of every year as she toasts to her future before the ball drops at midnight. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll fall in love with Camila and her family in what I must declare is a future classic! This play is a masterpiece!
  • Legends of Texas
    26 Jan. 2021
    There are many legends that people associate with Texas and most of them do involve cowboys and guns. It is in fact this conservative and frankly unhealthy "Texas Ranger" culture that has led to divide in the Tejano community in South Texas between those who remember the ideals of Cesar Chavez and those who support Trumpism. This play takes a personal look at one family caught in this divide as they decide what to do with their late father's gun shop. The result is both shocking and disturbing in this triumphant truth telling of life in South Texas.
  • Calling Puerto Rico
    18 Jan. 2021
    This play hits hard. I was on the edge of my seat waiting breathlessly for the hurricane to come as these wonderful characters play out their relationships with humor and love. I was not ready for that gut-punch.
  • Stroke Vagina, a Moyamoya Story
    9 May. 2020
    The moyamoya play that the world needs! Stroke Vagina is half stand-up comedy and half survivalist coming-of-age drama. When a young woman has a stroke for no apparent reason she is forced to suddenly examine her life choices and ask herself that unsettling question "Am I Happy?"