Recommended by David Davila

  • The Forgotten Language of the Handshake or The Torso Play
    4 May. 2021
    WOW. I'm completely blown away by this play. This play takes the ideals of a capitalistic world and advances them to their natural conclusion. It's a profound tale that examines the American Dream through the lens of feudalism as we fall in love with these desperate characters who must choose between their ideals and survival... because what could be more capitalistic than that? I am completely and utterly astonished. Bravo!
    3 May. 2021
    This might be my favorite play by Nelson Diaz-Marcano which is saying A LOT considering how profound and prolific he is. The mythology and folk characters of Puerto Rico come to life in this epic action-adventure, where a group of modern teens must find a lost Taino Goddess in order fulfill a prophecy and save Puerto Rico from destruction! It's "the Goonies" meets Edith Hamilton's "Mythology" smashed together with boriqueña hilarity that should not only be produced, but turned into YA novels, TV series, musicals, and movies! THIS IS THE REAL THING Y'ALL!!!! #TainoUniverse - Watch out MCU!
  • Here Everything's Better
    12 Apr. 2021
    a HILARIOUS and poignant look at gun violence that takes place in every Texan's favorite place on the planet, H-E-B.
  • Count by Twos
    7 Apr. 2021
    An eye opening dissection of endemic negligence of school administrators in handling issues of gender in the post "no child left behind" era. Billies soliloquy lessons in mathematics strengthen the human issues at the heart of this play and illustrate just how easy it is to leave a child behind when education is but a political act.
  • A Skeptic and a Bruja
    16 Mar. 2021
    This play is TRULY frightening. Though set as a horror story, do not be fooled. This is actually a compelling philosophical debate about the effects of colonization on indigenous & mestizaje spirituality and a complex study of our complicity in victim blaming. And yes... it's also scary as f**k!!!! If I was terrified in a reading, I can only imagine how scary this play will become with music, lights, and sound. I highly recommend.
    21 Feb. 2021
    Holy smokes! This play is amazing! I immediately fell in love with Eileen, her Cuban mother, and their complicated relationship which plays out on a doomed girls trip to Paris. I was not ready for the first shocking twist, OR the second shocking twist, and I was not emotionally prepared for the reveal of their dark secrets. This is an epic, emotional, rollercoaster ride, that forces audiences to look closer at their generational traumas caused by religion, society, and family. With three characters and one location it's the PERFECT play to produce! Bravo!
  • Laughs in Spanish
    21 Feb. 2021
    Absolutely loved this play when I caught a reading at San Diego Rep. This play serves a laugh a minute as it examines the life-long effects of having a narcissistic mother and how it affects the relationships around you. I was not ready for the amount of Latinx JOY captured within these complex and hilarious characters. I highly recommend it.
  • To Saints and Stars
    21 Feb. 2021
    I was lucky enough to catch a reading of this beautiful and poetic play at San Diego Rep, and I was awestruck at its examination of faith and science as it pertains to our relationships. Can't wait to see this sci-fi marvel brought to life on stage! I highly recommend.
    20 Feb. 2021
    I had the pleasure of attending a reading of this magnificent play, which left me shook to the core. This is a searing condemnation of the American Dream told through the hilarious and heartbreaking satirical lens of reality television. Bravo! Someone needs to produce this pronto!
  • The Language of the Unheard (previously Inutil)
    14 Feb. 2021
    Beautiful, and poetic, this play examines the ripple effects of trauma, systemic oppression, and racism on the family members of those who who are effected by them. At the center of the story an artist and a police officer form an unlikely bond that they are unable to pursue due to the emotional baggage they've been bonded to. An important examination on the futility of facing systems of oppression, with a haunting and satisfying end. I highly recommend.