Recommended by Scott Sickles

  • Arlecchino Am Ravenous
    15 Apr. 2018
    A primal, breathtaking thrill ride! Read it aloud! You’ll have a blast!
  • September & Her Sisters
    30 Mar. 2018
    No one writes sisters quite like Jenny Lane. Or families. They are, as the best stage families are, unique and universal. Even the most lofty or pretentious or enigmatic characters are grounded and down-to-earth; they are real people. (And the ones that already "live in the real world" are refreshingly direct.) They speak a poetic truth and then zing each other with sharp realities. Long story short, this is a terrific play... not just about sisterhood but about accountability, expectation and disillusionment. It's also insanely funny.
    25 Mar. 2018
    I thought this would be about Facebook's current data scandal but it's about something so much more important, even more important than social media addiction (which it addresses). This monologue, which is beautifully observed quite funny, tackles the risks of sharing seemingly benign personal information online. I don't want to reveal more than that. Its attention to family and character detail makes it a great choice for auditions and performance.
  • Of Butterflies and Roses
    28 Jan. 2018
    This play is equal parts funny and gorgeous! Coming from a family whose default setting is gallows humor, I'm a sucker for stories about grief that are also funny. This piece captures the petty territorialness of mourning as well as the need to believe and even control our concepts of the afterlife. Two sisters, a representationalist/spiritualist and a literalist/pragmatist discuss their parents' postmortem existence now that mom has finally "followed" their interaction sums up every ridiculous, testy, absurd and ultimately freeing conversation siblings have during fresh grief. Seriously, I had flashbacks. This is a gem.
    14 Jan. 2018
    Reading this monologue was like opening up my journal (if I kept a journal) and discovering my subconscious had written cruelly honest comments in it while I slept! Actually a dialogue between a gay man of a certain age (which I'm not anymore) and the part of his psyche that knows what's good for him and is done putting up with excuses, SLEEPYHEAD is a tight, funny, exquisitely detailed monologue about being your own worst enemy... and your own best friend who gets to tell the unvarnished truth for whatever good it may do. Highly entertaining! (And a little embarrassing!)
  • Phillie's Trilogy
    27 Nov. 2017
    Phillie's Trilogy is three coming of age stories in one about a boy and the man he becomes. It perfectly captures how our friends and family resonate from childhood into our later lives. It's a roller coaster of torment, forgiveness, disappointment, and surprising tenderness. Early on, it also deals frankly which childhood sexuality: what we long for before we understand longing and how we experiment before we understand our bodies. A lovely piece.
    27 Nov. 2017
    What appears to be a panicked rant is a deceptively well-structured and powerful narrative about oppression-triggered trauma. While cleaning a hotel room rented by members a Neo-Nazi conference, Fawzie discovers a disturbing artifact. The fear and eruption of word it inspires comes from a terror as global and historic as it is intimate. A tour de force for the actor. Bravo!
    24 Nov. 2017
    When I was artistic director of WorkShop Theater Company, I had the honor of producing this piece not once, but twice! (Both amateur developmental productions so by all means, professional theaters, you may have the World Premiere!)
    The adaptation of Twain's memoir is tight and moving. The music is indelible. Several songs will stay with me forever.
    I wish we'd had the vision to cast women in the gender-neutral roles. Maybe you will.
    This musical deserves a great long life.
  • English Only
    20 Nov. 2017
    A dark, satirical look at the hypocrisy of the "make English the official language" stance, ENGLISH ONLY is funny and terrifying, both in its depiction of the prejudice multi-lingual people would face in such a dystopia and in the brutality of the fight against that oppression. All in under 8 pages! Stirring!
  • SLEEPYHEAD: A 2-Minute Monologue Play
    14 Nov. 2017
    A fun and funny monologue for deft physical and vocal comedians. Lots of ways to play it. Definitely something "creative personalities," insomniacs and the easily distracted can relate to.