Recommended by Scott Sickles

  • Aunt Nellie's Two Cents Worth
    2 Oct. 2023
    Not having a tight-knit extended family nor one steeped in religion, I'm often taken aback by how much power elder generations wield. Or think they wield.

    Here, Flo's family is jeopardized by an age-old predicament: a son moving on from the life he was supposed to build on and pass down. Even worse, he's been ensnared by a woman of another faith. Baker steeps familiar tropes in a deeply personal reality, where family history is both weapon and salve. Flo and Aunt Nellie remind us people who live and think like this still exist and are capable of adapting.
  • September in Biddeford
    2 Oct. 2023
    Oh my god...

    I second my esteemed colleague Mr Busser's warning: SKIP THE SYNOPSIS! GO IN COLD!

    What a gift it will be for unsuspecting audiences to watch the drama unfold. A truly inspired narrative tapestry combining and even unifying disparate tropes to tell a tale as comfortably familiar as it is mindblowingly unique.

    People will leave feeling better about the world, themselves, each other, and the state of theater, all while asking... "what the hell did I just watch???"

    You watched SEPTEMBER IN BIDDEFORD, people! Know you are blessed.
  • Did you do the thing yet, Joe?
    2 Oct. 2023
    I may be biased because I'm IN IT!!! (Thanks for the cameo, Chris!)

    What Plumridge has fashioned out of creepy echoes from the social media void is a highly funny, blithely surreal tale of persistent menace met with gloriously understated English reserve. The mundanities of family life are upended by the escalating presence of this message, culminating in a critical mass of chaos!

    I won't tell you if Joe ended up doing the thing yet, but Plumridge certainly has!
  • The Snow Angel
    2 Oct. 2023
    You know from the get-go what's going on and what's gonna happen. Then you find out, YOU'RE WRONG! Multiple imaginations are at work, specifically the playwright and his protagonist conspiring to fashion magic and memory. There are a few holiday tales going on at once, like unwrapping a present to find another present inside and another after that... only this time there's a gift in each box. Any sentimentality (and I mean, it's a Christmas story about a little girl so...) is balanced with working class strife and real world loss. Start unwrapping this one now!
  • Hearing, Seeing, Knowing (A monologue for women)
    28 Sep. 2023
    Jackie is DONE! And we get to bear witness to the moment, or rather moments, where she realizes just how done she is! While the monologue is relatable to many across age and gender, Friedman smartly makes his speaker a woman in her 40s. What is she willing to settle for? What do you do when you realize the crumbs of affection and attention you beg for are at best stale and at worse imaginary. We see her vacillating, one foot out the door praying for a reason not to leave. Her prayer is answered. A powerful piece.
  • Like a Broken Record
    26 Sep. 2023
    Gauge strikes me as someone who's been told over and over, "If you want people to take you seriously, maybe you shouldn't dress like that." By the people who are supposed to be their allies!

    Peaceful revolutions are hard enough when you're part of a movement, but when you're a movement of one as well as an outlier among other outliers... Sisyphus had it easy by comparison. Medlin perfectly conveys the anguish of justice stifled on all sides, from the righteous indignation to the unstoppable determination to the morbid facts of potential consequences. A powerful rant!
  • The Bench
    25 Sep. 2023
    It’s the everyday objects that ground us, not only in our present lives but in the past. Not just personal belongings but public locations like the titular bench. Kniess captures grief and loss as the speaker revisits a temporal touchstone, an ordinary place where life as they knew it changed with the advent of love.
  • Not Hefty Enough (One Minute Monologue)
    20 Sep. 2023
    Well, this takes me back!

    Body fascism in the gay community cuts many different ways. For some guys, any body fat is too much body fat. For others, there's no such thing as too much heft... but there is such a thing as too little.

    Kudos to Michael for putting the brakes on a bad decision IN THE MIDDLE OF MAKING IT! May he be a role model to us all. But regardless of our background, most of us have been in this predicament. Screw that guy! Choose you!

    And sure, adjust your app preferences.
  • The Landlord
    19 Sep. 2023
    It’s very difficult to get through this play without screaming at the men in it. How Jenna manages to hold it in so long… is a perfect example of the anger management women have to go through every moment of every day, especially when they’re dealing with men. Even well intentioned ones. (For a primer on this kind of rage, see also SHE-HULK.)

    Simultaneously a scathing critique on the legacy of toxic masculinity and a lovely portrait of a young couple navigating vastly different backgrounds… and Mario Kart! A terrific ten-minutes with a great last line!
  • REVELATIONS (Damien Monologues)
    19 Sep. 2023
    Taken completely out of context, these two monologues would make great speeches – a riveting lecture on the immigrant experience and its resonance two generations in. While its scope is broad, its core is intimate. The experiences of one family, what that family left behind from trinkets to loved ones who died is the experience of so many across cultures.

    Taken in context, even the limited context we’re provided in the description, there’s an even greater weight. An urgent lament in a moment of calm. Stirring and powerful. I’m looking forward to more.