Recommended by Jennifer Kokai

  • Slaymaker
    16 Oct. 2023
    I got to see a reading of this at the recent Hippodrome Theatre New Works Festival. The play presents a complicated and nuanced take on young adult relationships and abuse, on a micro and macro scale. It has great roles for early 20 something performers and universities and young theatre companies should consider it for production.
  • Monstrous Women
    26 Apr. 2022
    The Dramaturgy class at Weber State assisted in the development of this piece and did a reading. We found the characters really compelling and the language evocative. There are many excellent design opportunities here in all aspects. Highly recommend universities keep this on their radar as it develops.
    14 Apr. 2021
    This is a devastatingly honest piece with beautifully written lines about the enormous difficulty of identity and history. A brave, lovely piece.
  • Gin Mummy
    13 Mar. 2021
    All the wit of Oscar Wilde, but with the openly gay characters he wished he could have written. Absolutely hilarious.
  • Ripped
    22 Dec. 2020
    I saw a brilliant production of this at Z Space Theatre in San Francisco. Tightly constructed and brilliantly plotted, it presents a complicated situation with no easy answers and provoked a great deal of conversation in those seated around me.
  • Dolly
    23 Sep. 2020
    What starts as a funny and somewhat surreal concept (Dali would approve) turns touching. Always true, the play hums with excellent dialogue and insights into the disappointments of love. "We think we understand the world, and then the rug gets yanked out from under us. The clocks start melting. You love this guy, so you marry him. And then one day you wake up and it has never once occurred to him that he should ask you if you want a cup of coffee." Great parts for two women in their 40s, and how often can you say that?
  • The Hampton Years
    1 Jun. 2020
    We were fortunate to do a reading of this at Weber State University a few years ago. This is a beautiful play that vividly brings to life important history about the fraught relationship between academic institutions, the well meaning missions they claim, the compromises they make that undermine those claims, and the many ways that institutions can and should learn from their students and faculty. I highly recommend all theatres, but perhaps especially academic institutions right now, read and produce this play.
  • Sweetheart Come
    24 May. 2019
    This play manages to capture both a historical period and timeless truths about loneliness and mental illness. I felt deeply for all three of the characters in the play, but of course especially for Emma. The dialogue is beautiful and insightful without being too writerly or cloying. This is a wonderful play that I highly recommend to all for productions.
  • To Fall in Love
    20 Apr. 2019
    A lovely tour de force for two actors. The characters are authentic and engrossing from start to finish. The technical demands are simple, so the audience is able to focus on the words, the characters, and the emotions.
  • Rock Egg Spoon
    12 Mar. 2019
    This is a wonderful, imaginative script. There were so many beautiful, surprising moments and I loved it from beginning to end. I'd love to see it on the stage and I highly encourage theatres to produce it.