Recommended by Jennifer Kokai

  • The Hampton Years
    1 Jun. 2020
    We were fortunate to do a reading of this at Weber State University a few years ago. This is a beautiful play that vividly brings to life important history about the fraught relationship between academic institutions, the well meaning missions they claim, the compromises they make that undermine those claims, and the many ways that institutions can and should learn from their students and faculty. I highly recommend all theatres, but perhaps especially academic institutions right now, read and produce this play.
  • Sweetheart Come
    24 May. 2019
    This play manages to capture both a historical period and timeless truths about loneliness and mental illness. I felt deeply for all three of the characters in the play, but of course especially for Emma. The dialogue is beautiful and insightful without being too writerly or cloying. This is a wonderful play that I highly recommend to all for productions.
  • To Fall in Love
    20 Apr. 2019
    A lovely tour de force for two actors. The characters are authentic and engrossing from start to finish. The technical demands are simple, so the audience is able to focus on the words, the characters, and the emotions.
  • Rock Egg Spoon
    12 Mar. 2019
    This is a wonderful, imaginative script. There were so many beautiful, surprising moments and I loved it from beginning to end. I'd love to see it on the stage and I highly encourage theatres to produce it.
  • The Final Debate
    2 Oct. 2018
    I was lucky enough to direct the first performance of this for Plan-B this fall. Bublitz has created two sharply distinct female teenage characters. They are smart, serious, and great roles for actresses to play. The audience responded very strongly to this piece and it was clear it had a significant impact. Strongly recommend this ten minute.
  • Edmund Fitzwater Doesn’t Have Any Answers for You
    23 Sep. 2018
    A funny 10 minute about the potential for evil lurking in our technology. If you're a fan of Black Mirror, this is a great play for you. My favorite line was "No one in the history of ever has set out on a spiritual journey because of Comedy Central" and the title is fantastic. Highly recommend to folks looking for a 10 minute play.
  • The Book of Mountains and Seas
    19 Sep. 2018
    I read this play and recommended it for an award at one point. It was outstanding. Funny, and emotionally rich, and had such a great premise. Highly recommend.
  • Failure: A Love Story
    5 Sep. 2018
    This is a wonderful play. It is such a playground for designers, actors, and directors. The story telling is crystal clear, every character sharply drawn. It should be a go to for college theatre.
    8 Aug. 2018
    This recommendation is from Oliver who is 11 and an actor/playwright: This is a good monologue. It hits you hard because of what's happening in the world right now. It gets kids this age right. There aren't many monologues for kids, mostly for adults. It displays a lot of emotions in a short amount of time and would be an interesting role to take on. Which again, there are not many of for kids my age.
  • What Happened at the Dolphin Show
    30 Jul. 2018
    Such a sweet and funny play. The relationship between Heidi and her mother Linda reads very true. The rhymes are hilarious.