Recommended by Audrey Lang

  • Desarrollo
    29 Jan. 2023
    DESARROLLO is the kind of play that feels like floating. The personal relationships are real enough to reach out and touch, but so exquisite that I'm scared if I do, they will disappear and I won't get to finish the story. Simultaneously as this is the story of people, it is the story of a changing neighborhood that is as much a character as the humans who know and love it. I love that we catch the young Nelly, Alaida, and Sol as they are working through their "bucket list," already aware of the limits of time.
    23 Jan. 2023
    YAELIS is a modern legend that weaves together the present with many pasts in a profoundly beautiful quest that the title character undertakes to find her mother. On her journey, she finds herself, her heritage, a friend, and so many new reasons to live. I love the way juliany taveras shows the magic and wonder that exist in the worlds they create.
  • The Children's Farm
    18 Dec. 2022
    I was instantly obsessed with "The Children's Farm" when I read it as a reader for BAPF, and it has taken incredible restraint to keep myself from raving about it sooner! I found the three central characters, Sam, Lauren, and Joey, compelling and endearing, and was especially impressed with how Sean Dunnington uses time jumps to show us their collective and individual journeys as they find themselves and grow up. I left this play with deep and thought-provoking questions topping off the exciting story and powerful heart at its core, and I would so love to see it produced! #BAPF46
  • Screech Owl
    18 Dec. 2022
    As a recent 23-year-old, I can honestly say I've never read a play -- or experienced any story, in any medium -- that captures the strangeness of being 23 as well as this one does. Madison Fiedler's characters leap off the page with distinct voices and pacing, and her theatricality is so thrilling and makes me eager to see "Screech Owl" staged. This play is unabashedly weird and awesome and asks a question that is relevant to all ages: Can you find the next version of yourself while surrounded by those who only see your past versions? #BAPF46
  • Osher and the Infinite Curtain
    17 Dec. 2022
    A fascinating play that draws you into the world of Jewish mysticism, learning about Kabbalah as the characters do in a unique and compelling way. I loved getting to read about two queer Jewish couples in one play, and I loved that the characters and their journey with exploring their spirituality felt familiar to my own Jewish journey and some of the people in it. I'm excited to see this play continue its development and to delve further into Elise Wien's work! #BAPF46
  • SYZYGY, or the ceasing of the sun
    20 Sep. 2022
    This play stunned and awed me in the most remarkable way, and I can say for certain I've never read anything like it. juliany taveras has written an absolutely gorgeous story of found and, more importantly, chosen family, with luscious dialogue whose poetry and magic does not sacrifice any authenticity. Each character feels full of life and depth, and unique in the ways they react to their overwhelming circumstances. Watching them come together in love and care is extraordinary. SYZYGY scares me and it holds me, it breaks my heart and puts it back together again.
  • Crooked Parts
    12 Jun. 2022
    Crooked Parts is a thought-provoking piece about family, and how to become who you are or will be within your family -- something that is often incredibly challenging. I love the way this play tackles the things we don't, can't, say to the people we love most; watching how Freddy's and Winifred's relationship with Angela changes over the years makes my heart ache for both mother and child.
  • Man and Moon
    18 May. 2022
    A powerful story of finding human connection in a place that is at once the worst place to be, and also the most normal place to be, at least for Luna. “Man and Moon” does a phenomenal job of making the universe small and the people in it enormous.
  • Molly Jones Steals Home
    11 Jan. 2022
    "Molly Jones Steals Home" has so much heart and has me rooting for Molly the whole time -- while feeling so many conflicted feelings about whether or not I should be rooting for the well-meaning adults in her life! This play is so deeply theatrical as well and I would love to see it performed.
  • The Very Furious Kugel
    29 Oct. 2021
    This is such a fun piece and so delightfully Jewish! As a lover and frequent maker of kugel myself, "The Very Furious Kugel" had me smiling and enjoying myself the whole time I was reading it -- as well as craving some kugel!