Recommended by Audrey Lang

  • Three Anne Franks
    20 Jan. 2020
    This play surprised me in all the best ways. Any play with "Anne Frank" in the title is not one I expect to make me laugh out loud reading it--but that's exactly what happened. Simultaneously, I feel as though I understand my own Jewish heritage, Anne Frank, and the Holocaust more than I did before as a result of having read this thought-provoking piece.
  • The Other Half
    5 Jul. 2019
    This play was a very enjoyable read. What I found particularly compelling was the back-and-forth between the twins listing the numerous possibilities of how they could each grow up. Whether each possibility was bad or good, they all had a depth of emotion behind them that drew me into the story. The language is so rich and theatrical that it is easy to envision, and, I can imagine, easy to stage without a big budget or fancy set—neither of which would be necessary to create the full world of “The Other Half.”
  • Invincible Ones
    12 Mar. 2019
    I saw Invincible Ones at the Signature Center in NYC in 2016, and had thought about it a lot since then, so I was very excited to find it on NPX to read and revisit. It is a play that has truly stuck with me and equally makes me laugh and breaks my heart.