Recommended by Jan Probst

  • The Way Station
    29 Aug. 2022
    What crosses your mind when time suddenly stops and you are stranded? What lengths would you go to in order to escape? Who really is in charge anyway? The slow reveal of information is delicious, and the ending well-earned, as three very different characters face off in this intriguing little play.
  • From the Top
    29 Aug. 2022
    This astute little gem of a play was an absolute delight to read. Numerous comedic moments fold right into tender ones that somehow still manage to survive in this very funny, exquisitely well-crafted play. The shift in perspective from act to act was both simple and complex and would be a joy for any director to stage, any actor to embrace. Highly recommend!
    29 Aug. 2022
    A tender, engaging play about love and family: the mistakes we make, the fear that holds us back, the surprising ways we find to move forward. Beautiful dialogue and five quirky characters fill the page and the stage.
  • All Together Now
    29 Aug. 2022
    This wise and wonderful play is a story about family. How we create it, sustain it, allow it to grow and change (or not). Using his trademark masterful dialogue, Williams reveals just enough of the story of one teenager's surprise entry into the well-honed life of his father - and the complications that entails - to leave you wanting more. And there is more! Enjoy immersing yourself in the world of All Together Now, one of four plays about family.
  • Grand Dragon in Power (Act 1 Sample)
    17 Aug. 2022
    An absolutely chilling tale deftly told via characters who ring true to the era. Knowing this story is based on true events sadly underscores its relevance to the socio-political climate of today. Baker is a master at dialogue that sets each character apart and yet brings them together in a sense of time and place. I felt the fear and the power of each moment just reading the play. Imagine what could happen when this excellent work is fully staged.
  • Sundown Town
    1 Jul. 2022
    This beautifully nuanced story underscores the connection between two young men trying to find their way in a country that continually threatens their very existence. The heartbreaking and tragically relevant history of a Sundown Town is all too real for these young black men, failed by the very institutions that should offer refuge and support. This play needs to be staged.
  • If nobody does remarkable things
    1 Jul. 2022
    A beautifully constructed play, that confronts the climate crisis head on as it underscores the fallibility of the humans who try to save this precious planet. The characters are wonderfully complex, and through them Gibson does not present any easy answers, but offers conflict that is as much internal as external. This play leaves an uncomfortable question on the table: must the child sacrifice the parent to the cause?
  • Natchetochez
    1 Jul. 2022
    Incredibly entertaining play centered around a dysfunctional family ignoring, belittling and ultimately unwillingly facing tragic and highly relevant events. The comical use of repeated statements between characters, and a shared awkward vision of the world, do not mute the effects of gun violence and racism in this quirky gothic (in a southern sense) tale.
  • The Connecticut Play
    1 Jul. 2022
    Beautifully complex play, with numerous theatrical elements. There is a sense of musicality that is both purposeful and poetic. Significant action in the story is told without the use of the spoken word, as well as clear and specific use of dialogue. Intriguing, mysterious characters and plot held my attention throughout. I was fortunate to see a reading at the Valdez Theatre Conference, and now would love to see this thoughtful play fully staged.
  • Can't Live Without You
    28 Jun. 2022
    An entertaining and beautifully crafted play. With the sharp, precise dialogue we have come to expect from Williams, and a character who literally leaps off the page, this intriguing story comes to life. An unpredictable romantic comedy that packs lots of laughs, Can't Live Without You is right on target for anyone who has ever wondered what happened to their big dream.