Recommended by Jan Probst

  • Bicycle to Beijing
    14 Jul. 2021
    Warnings of a dystopian not-so-distant future, complete with social media police, are cleverly woven into this dark and very funny play. The wonderful bantering dialogue carries us right into this changed world, revealing just enough to keep us intrigued. Beautifully crafted, this little gem belongs on stage.
    13 Jul. 2021
    In this dark, quirky comedy, the pointed political differences of an unlikely Tinder hookup set the stage for a bizarre, yet oddly familiar, love story. With the use of song and poetry that rhymes - or not - Adam reveals his secret under unimaginable duress. As his story unfolds, the unexpected follows close behind. I was alternately engaged, humored and shocked by this little play with big feelings.
    13 Jul. 2021
    Four explicitly drawn, complicated characters drive this sad, funny, powerful play. With dark humor the story of the deluded, grieving parents unfolds, in contrast to that of the dead woman’s troubled sister and the former fiancé. At times I cringed right through the laughter. I was fortunate to see the superb reading of Shrines at the Valdez Theatre Conference. Beautiful work.
  • Bulldozers
    13 Jul. 2021
    Infusing a common local setting with a strong universal message, Greg Romero brings home a very real, sometimes terrifying message. The audience participation is so organic, you feel as if you’re part of the story. Because you are.
  • Daphne Becomes the Arctic
    13 Jul. 2021
    Greg Romero’s writing does not stay within the bounds of earth or sky or imagination. In this very short, yet remarkably powerful play, the trauma of sexual abuse is given a depth and range worthy of its immeasurable impact. I witnessed the reading at the Valdez Theatre Conference and the intense effect it had on the audience. I am still stunned.
  • Radio Ghosts
    13 Jul. 2021
    I first encountered Radio Ghosts as an actor, preparing a monologue from the play. The story challenged me in many respects, engaged my senses and encouraged me to open my perspective beyond my tiny little view of the world. Greg Romero writes big plays (regardless of their length), with universal themes tucked into a mystical viewpoint. Radio Ghosts is no exception.
  • Remnants
    13 Jul. 2021
    One of a cycle of plays by Nicholas Walker Herbert, Remnants is set in a prison camp in a future dystopian world. A story of choices and the price of loyalty, the play hinges on the convoluted, heightened relationships of desperate prisoners planning an escape. While secrecy and trust are vital to the success of the plan, who can really be trusted? An exploration of the ways humanity prevails - or does not - under the most dire of circumstances. An intensely thought-provoking drama.
  • Growl
    13 Jul. 2021
    A beautifully textured, powerful piece of writing. When the Iranian poet is prevented from boarding her flight to leave the country, it seems her art and wits may provide her only defense against the oppressive guard. This highly dramatic two-character play provides moments of humor that allow us to catch our breath, while never releasing the tension of the moment. Amidst growing worldwide tensions, Growl is a play that needs to be seen.
  • Home-Style Cooking at the Gateway Cafe
    7 Jul. 2021
    Philip Middleton Williams dishes up a slice of small town life, with a twist of humor and wisdom. I could feast on the luscious details so astutely woven into the dialogue, as each character’s choice of words let me peak beneath the surface. Leave your assumptions aside and take a seat at the counter in this little gem of a play.
  • Cuddle Time
    21 Jan. 2021
    Cuddle Time is a surprisingly tender dark comedy, which could be described as an apocalyptic buddy play. With dwindling resources and a dangerous world outside their door, Martha, and her BFF Sweetie, have different, conflicting views of the state of things. As Sweetie enthusiastically and naively imagines the world as it used to be, Martha strives to protect and save her dearest friend. Amidst the laughs, this play may take you to the edge of your deepest fears for our planet. Cuddle Time is a play for our era.