Recommended by Jan Probst

  • The Existential Crisis in Car 54
    8 Aug. 2020
    A female police officer so excited to vote she wants to ignore calls from dispatch, and her male partner who has lost faith in the system. Clever setup for some amazing banter on election day. Stuccio expertly draws the battle lines, and in so doing points up the lasting effects of a hard fought win. Peppered with sharp, amusing dialogue that had me laughing out loud, and with a nod to the television series from the sixties, this play is more than just a fun ride in a cruiser. It's an exercise in what really matters, and why.
  • Aloha Apocalypse (Ten Minute Play)
    2 Apr. 2020
    Sweet, funny play about what you might do in the moment, if the end was very near. Sharp, witty dialogue offers multiple opportunities for nuanced performances in this clever two-hander.
    2 Apr. 2020
    A heartbreaking after-hours moment between generations. The characters are beautifully drawn in this smart, tender play, on the cusp of a landmark moment in the history of gay rights.
  • There Will Be Bears
    2 Apr. 2020
    Sweet, funny play with unexpected lessons on life. If I ever encounter a bear, I hope the experience is as entertaining as this one.
    31 Mar. 2020
    From the start I was drawn into the vulnerable tenderness of Pete's world, both real and imagined, and could not find the line between them. His sheer gut-wrenching loneliness was so palpable, I feared it would destroy him. A sad tale of the complexity of the human spirit, of choices and of limits.
  • On the Cross Bronx
    31 Mar. 2020
    Ah... fate. What a lovely backdrop for a play. Two unlikely folks caught in the exquisite circumstance Daly has created. Sharp dialogue and intriguing shifts make this a dazzling ten minute two-hander. Could not turn the pages fast enough!