Recommended by Jan Probst

  • Going There
    7 Oct. 2021
    Philip Middleton Williams writes dialogue that makes you feel like you're in the room. Going There is no exception. This tender play about the choices we make poses the question, "What if..?"
  • Coming In
    24 Sep. 2021
    Mum serves up a strong cup of tea with enough French Fancies to feed the neighborhood, while Dad finally reveals something he forgot to mention, and their son announces a realization of his own. Change is in the air, and maybe the tea, in this delightfully quirky take on bringing the new love interest home to meet the parents.
  • Remember Me?
    18 Sep. 2021
    From a kitten on the ceiling to learning how the world views someone in a wheelchair, Remember Me is a witty, tender monologue that will remind you of your own vulnerabilities. Our bodies have so much to tell us, if only we would listen. And who doesn’t enjoy a talking ankle?
  • The Gun in Saint Margaret's Basement
    17 Aug. 2021
    In this surprising play, the conflict that arises at a church committee meeting over whether or not it’s proper to sell coffee to raise money for charity is put into perspective when an armed male intruder takes the five women hostage. Proclaiming to be an anti-gun activist while wielding a gun, Andrew believes God is working through him in some great plan. What ensues is a tension-filled drama about faith, the stories we hold as truth, and the use of violence to defend our beliefs.
  • The Lady Demands Satisfaction
    17 Aug. 2021
    A hilariously entertaining farce, that kept me on my toes, completely unable to guess at the brilliant and well earned finale. The intricate stage directions, detailing the possibilities for the most ridiculous of sword fights beckon any stage production to go full tilt. Strong female characters dominate the story, and aim the pointy end of the sword directly at the present. A whirlwind script with a tightly constructed plot that never fails to deliver. The Lady does indeed demand satisfaction - and gets it.
  • The Trials of Virginia Rappe
    12 Aug. 2021
    Using a fictionalized account of what was the biggest Hollywood scandal of its time, Tamar Shai Bolkvadze creates a beautifully theatrical rendition of events. Testimony presented as silent movie scenes works brilliantly to highlight the theater of the courtroom, while anchoring the story within the Silent Film Era of Hollywood. While the defendant may have been the famous Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, it is The Trials of Virginia Rappe that take center stage in this engaging work.
  • A Kooroo Christmas Eve
    10 Aug. 2021
    Fun and funny satire in a rich family setting. The story covers a lot of territory, including sibling relationships, environmental activism (or not), belief in Santa Claus (or not), a hostage situation with a touch of Hamlet on the side and a very bright six-year-old. An intriguing hostage video and surprising plot twists will keep you on your toes.
  • Default
    10 Aug. 2021
    Political, social and domestic intrigue are astutely drawn in this very big play. I saw a reading at the Valdez Theatre Conference, and at times felt like I was at a political rally, at other times privy to back stage gossip. Potent characters, with a story that tackles race relations and politics in an intriguing and powerful way.
  • Oh, No! I Flew Too Close to the Sun!
    10 Aug. 2021
    I saw a reading of this hysterically funny play, and it brought the house down. Smart, witty, and big fun for the cast. Insert this brilliant little gem into your ten-minute play fest!
  • The Waters of Her Noblest Rivers
    10 Aug. 2021
    Beautifully theatrical imagery paired with two very different and yet intertwined conversations create a rich and pointed play. Martineau deftly delivers dialog which compares the wisdom of nature with the nature of our relationship to each other. Smart, lovely play that would be further enhanced with staging.