Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

    14 Jun. 2019
    All mothers have experienced bits of this true, telling monologue. The feeling of failure. The feeling of love.
    Their annoying children.
  • Miss American Pie
    13 Jun. 2019
    This monologue, about making a pie, is really an interesting lesson about the people who have created this country . There are political overtones without lecturing, a beautiful story about friendship, and the sad aspects of immigration. A fascinating piece of theatre.
  • Ruffles and Me in Space (10-minute)
    28 May. 2019
    I thought as I picked this piece to read, I would know what it was about. But the story of this shooting is told with such empathy, such honesty, that I was unprepared for the ending. The vision of the town made my heart ache. When will it stop?
  • FAMILY BY NUMBERS Award-winning 10-minute drama
    24 May. 2019
    Family By Numbers is a heartrending play about family, their dynamics and the pain of loss when it comes. It is structured differently, but very effectively. A beautiful piece of writing.
    24 May. 2019
    A monologue about a sassy young girl who is not afraid to speak up and defend the way she lives her life. It is a fun, information filled piece that would soften the hardest of hearts.