Recommended by Adam Richter

  • To The Moon!
    24 May. 2021
    If someone offers you a trip to the moon, you say yes. ... But should you? Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend's sharp and funny play shows why that's not always a good idea. Even a little lie in the start of a relationship can lead to places neither of you expected. I loved this short play in which the main character gets less sympathetic as time goes on. Great job!
  • Eoteltsim
    24 May. 2021
    One of the most brilliant uses of the one-minute play convention I've come across. Thanks to the ingenious device Weaver employs, the play's awkward climax lands with an even harder punch than it normally would. Superb.
    24 May. 2021
    Kayla Dunn is a vivid, powerful drama of a woman whose life spins out of control due to no fault of her own. Her story stays with you long after the final page. This is a sharp commentary on internet privacy and would be a great piece for a solo actress.
  • Antagonism, or, Some People Like to P*ss in the Pool [a 1-minute play]
    23 May. 2021
    Steve Martin, the master of the 1-minute play, does it again with this wonderfully theatrical and pointed play about people who enjoy life and those who absolutely. Effing. HATE. That. Don't let the balloon-poppers get you down.
  • Birdseed
    23 May. 2021
    The tightrope one has to walk between remembering a loved one and moving on is a difficult one, and Mabey deftly guides his characters along in this brilliant short play.
  • WE RIDE AT DAWN! (a monologue)
    14 May. 2021
    I believe that children are sociopaths, and absolutely nothing in Scott Sickles' delightfully funny monologue convinces me otherwise. This is a fun and hilarious portrayal of a kid who seeks revenge on their parents who had the audacity to SET A BEDTIME! Bastards!
    Read and produce this wonderful monologue and, if you have kids, sleep with one eye open.
  • The Invitation
    14 May. 2021
    This is a powerful and profound monologue about the changing relationships between parents and children, and the tragedy of parents who refuse to accept that change. GABIE delivers a heartfelt and beautiful speech, probably in vain, trying to convince her mother to continue loving her. A fantastic monologue.
  • The Antique Shoppe
    13 May. 2021
    I love the way this budding romance unfolds so gradually and naturally over the course of the play. It's a beautiful and charming short one-act. Read and produce it!
  • Three Seconds To Midnight
    10 May. 2021
    What a delightful and funny meditation on time. John Mabey's character of Father Time is so unexpected but also so perfect. Bonnie wants just a little more time and Father Time isn't able to give it to her, but what he offers instead is surprising and a great fit. This would be a great play for any 10-minute festival.
  • Phillie's Trilogy
    8 May. 2021
    An amazing play that works as both a coming-of-age tale and a coming-of-aging story. Over the course of several decades the title character and those around him are still trying to figure out who they are. I particularly love the way Doug DeVita shows the characters at different ages on stage at the same time, as if to say that we never really leave the past behind.