Recommended by Adam Richter

  • Easy Target [a monologue]
    6 May. 2021
    Wow. This is a powerful monologue about self-doubt, imposter syndrome and the pernicious evil of that inner voice that haunts us all. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Barbarian
    5 May. 2021
    That whole business about "Thou Shalt Not Kill" gets an early and brutal test when a Viking vampire attacks a Medieval English church. This short play has great tension, horror and blood (so much blood!) but it's the exploration of that early concept of sin that makes "Barbarian" linger in your mind long after it ends. How did early Christians reconcile Jesus' teachings with a dangerous and brutal world?
    Read and produce this play. Audiences need to be challenged with it.
  • Favorite Son
    5 May. 2021
    No matter how old we get, children never really let go of the scars they received as kids — whether from the playground, the school or their own family. Philip Middleton Williams shows us just how close to the surface all of this is in this wonderful two-hander that would be a gem for any pair of actors to perform. Excellent job!
    3 May. 2021
    I think it's safe to say no one will ever fall asleep — or eat — on a train again after watching Rachael Carnes' wonderfully absurd and (for one audience member, anyway) cringey short play about the nature of existence and where the hell you find tzaziki sauce. Read this play, produce it and for the love of all that is good in the world, don't wipe your greasy hands on the upholstery.
  • Skywriting (a one-minute play)
    3 May. 2021
    This sweet, lovely, romantic comedy goes horribly wrong in the span of a minute, and the results are hilarious. Matthew Weaver has a gift for turning seemingly conventional situations on their head in ways that are surprising and fun, even when (spoilers) the characters may not survive.
  • A Right Way to Fold a Fitted Sheet
    3 May. 2021
    Robin Berl gives us a powerful meditation on grief, fear and coping in this domestic two-hander that isn't REALLY about how to fold a fitted sheet (but still kind of is). An excellent short play that would be a cinch to stage.
  • What If, a monologue
    1 May. 2021
    I think one of the worst aspects of the COVID pandemic was how helpless so many of us felt, and Jeffrey James Keyes' heartbreaking monologue brings that helpless feeling to life. This solo piece is touching and poignant in the way it forces us all to ask the same question as the protagonist: What would have changed if I had done things differently?
    Definitely a piece that needs to be staged once live theater happens again.
  • Of Garden Gnomes and Other Tragedies
    1 May. 2021
    Finally, someone has come along to update the classic garden-gnome-loves-girl story. Scott Sickles' delightful fantasy play is a playground of fun dialogue and language and a hilarious take on what happens when the villagers rise up to destroy the witch in their midst.
    29 Apr. 2021
    This short play is uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time, in addition to being one hell of a good science fiction story. A beautiful two-hander that deserves to be staged often. I would love to see this in person.
  • The Ballad of Leslie
    14 Apr. 2021
    I loved this heartwarming tale of a woman and her one-person chorus, who's just the perfect amount of pushy. A fantastic addition to any 10-minute play festival. Brava!