Recommended by Adam Richter

  • Faerie Ring
    5 Dec. 2020
    This is a haunting and profound short play. Both characters are rich and multidimensional. There's a lot here for actors to work with. "Faerie Ring" was a joy to read and would be amazing to see on stage.
  • Head
    4 Dec. 2020
    We hear all the time about how female praying mantises decapitate their mates after sex, but did you ever wonder if the male actually LIKES it? Scott Sickles apparently did, and the willingness of Franz to die for his would-be girlfriend makes for a funny, witty one-minute play. Great potential for physical comedy here, as well.
  • My Life Has Been a Preparation
    4 Dec. 2020
    A lovely meditation on what it means to a writer. It is by, about, and for playwrights specifically, but I imagine anyone who toils in creative writing, after the rest of the household has been put to bed and with dreams of "making it", will identify.
  • Spoiler Alert
    3 Dec. 2020
    The title of this play does nothing to prepare you for the end, but the ending is exactly what the characters deserve. Funny and fast-paced. This would be a hoot onstage.
  • It's an Espresso Drink with Foamy Steamed Milk
    3 Dec. 2020
    This dark and delightful satire of American life does a lot of heavy lifting in two short pages. These characters give you every reason to root for the meteor. Plus the play ends with one of the greatest stage directions ever put down on the page.
  • Take It Or Leave It
    2 Dec. 2020
    This is a delightful play that really nails the core conflict at the heart of the environmental movement. I also loved how grounded Angie was: idealistic but not a dreamer. Well done!
  • All of the Napkins are Wet (a monologue) (Playing on the Periphery #1)
    26 Nov. 2020
    All the best kids have no tolerance for bullshit, and that's what makes Daphne such a delightful and funny character. She knows that the fun of childhood doesn't consist of pretending to be an adult. This was a joy to read and would be a scream onstage.
  • The Bee's Knees
    26 Nov. 2020
    What seems a (ahem) flight of fancy is really a quite profound and poignant play about the fragility of the environment and the myriad ways we all depend on one another. Next time I want to compliment someone, I'm going to try telling them, "You're Bee 59,999!"
    26 Sep. 2020
    This is such an inventive way to stage the legend of the Bell Witch. Rachael Carnes does a great job bringing the characters to life — even the unseen children — and the darkly humorous turn on the final page makes for a perfect ending.
  • The Meadow - 10 Minute Play
    24 Sep. 2020
    Ryan takes the most common tropes of classic detective stories and turns them on their head in this clever, suspenseful detective drama. A fun read that would be great fun in front of a live audience.