Recommended by Adam Richter

  • Midnight Nibble
    12 Nov. 2023
    The suspense paired with DOT's down-home Midwestern folksy charm (she may not be Midwestern; in my mind's eye, that's how I saw her) makes "Midnight Nibble" a delicious snack for audiences and actors. The power dynamics that go on here are enormously fun to watch, and I'm sure they'd be a hoot to perform. Bravo!
  • Hey Babe
    29 Oct. 2023
    The horror in this piece creeps up on you, gradually letting you know that all is not OK in Marcus and Pete's world. This is a fantastic exploration of power and control in a relationship, and how far things can descend when that relationship is out of balance. Terrific horror piece by Sam Heyman.
  • Postpartum
    26 Oct. 2023
    "Postpartum" is the best kind of horror: The kind that stems from familiar experiences but takes us well beyond our imaginations allow us to go. The situation is all too familiar for many parents, and that's what makes this play, with its unseen (but not unheard) threats so terrifying. Absolutely brilliant.
  • The Lady With A Laptop
    26 Oct. 2023
    Dominica Plummer has written a tense, claustrophobic short play that's full of suspense as she reveals, bit by bit, who these people really are. It makes for gripping reading and would be compelling to watch on stage. Producers: Add this to your next night of horror shorts!
  • The Adventures of Pat the Exterminator: The Laboratory
    26 Oct. 2023
    "Ain't no money in mad science." Truer words were never spoken, but luckily for us the mad Victor Schmidt is devoted to his chosen career. This short two-hander is a laugh-out-loud sendup of the horror genre, with Pat the exterminator going toe-to-toe with Victor in a genial and surprsingly helpful way. I'd love to see this on stage. Two actors (and the audience) would have a blast with it.
    25 Oct. 2023
    I love how Asher Wyndham immerses the audience in the world of his characters. In "BRITNEY, BITCH BARISTA" we all join Britney inside her hot, cramped Fotomat booth of a coffee stand. It is uncomfortable, sweaty, rage-inducing and thought-provoking. And so is the monologue.
    This is one of my favorite Wyndham monologues. Please, someone produce this.
  • Second Book Syndrome
    25 Oct. 2023
    Sam Heyman's gripping play isn't just a play about writer's block. It's a robust exploration about artistry, collaboration and what we owe the characters we create when we bring them to life on the page. The idea of an author's creations coming to life is a familiar one, but "Second Book Syndrome" deftly and cleverly mines uncharted territory. It's a brilliant play that I hope gets to come to life on stage soon.
  • Scott versus the Siberian Death Worm
    15 Oct. 2023
    In 100 years (give or take), once the Siberian Death Worms have taken over the earth, we puny humans will wish we had heeded Christopher Soucy's warning. This short two-hander is a hilarious take (or prediction) on the worst-case scenario stemming from reawakening a species that's been frozen for 46,000 years.
    Ignore it at your peril.
  • The Drought
    15 Oct. 2023
    "The Drought" is a hilarious monologue that cleverly plays on the author knowing exactly how the audience is going to misinterpret the conversation — and it works to perfection. I laughed out loud at the final reveal. Bravo!
  • That Moment When ...
    15 Oct. 2023
    A meet-cute romantic tale told in a way that I've never seen before. "That Moment When ..." is a brilliant piece of experimental theater that will delight audiences. Bravo, Steve!