Recommended by Adam Richter

  • The Revenge of Harvey
    7 Feb. 2023
    I've never seen "HARVEY," but now that I've read Deb Cole's excellent take on it, I'm not sure I want to. Her take on the classic puts us in the universe and twists it into a delightfully terrifying piece.
    I'm told that "HARVEY" is a comedy. It works better as a thriller. Check it out for yourself.
  • Drink Thou Off
    7 Feb. 2023
    All Romeo had to do was wait, like 10 minutes.
    Ever think that?
    Ever wonder what would happen if he DID?
    Wonder no more. Christopher Soucy has solved that riddle, waking Romeo up to what could be the rest of his life.
    "Drink Thou Off" is a terrific short comedy that shows the perils of young love that Shakespeare left out of of his famous play. Bravo!
  • 1 in 30 million (a monologue)
    7 Feb. 2023
    Even lobsters can dream ... right? Lee Lawing's delightful monologue brings us inside the mind of these beautiful creatures (does a lobster have a mind? debatable — but THIS ONE does).
    "One in 30 Million" has a lot to say about lobsters, yes, but also about the struggle to fit in in and the importance of finding your place in the world — even if it's not the place you thought it would be.
  • Southern Family Planning - A Farce
    6 Feb. 2023
    The wordplay in this delightful one-minute piece is hilarious, but the punchline at the end delivers like an atom bomb. "Southern Family Planning" is a great satire that needs to be performed.
  • A Typical STEM Job Interview
    6 Feb. 2023
    Sam Heyman took two things that suck — Zoom and job interviews — and made comedy gold. This play is an absolute riot, a farcical skewering of the job search process. Brilliant!
  • Last Night, First Time
    1 Feb. 2023
    THIS is the mother-daughter relationship to which all parents and children should aspire. "Last Night, First Time" is a touching and frank play about boundaries and when "The Talk" inevitably turns to action. Funny and heartwarming — and a little bit cringey, in all the best ways.
  • Time to Talk
    1 Feb. 2023
    I loved how Christopher Soucy took the whole strangers-meet-on-a-park-bench convention and turned it on its head in this lovely short two-hander. The setup is subtle but compelling, and the payoff at the end is that much more satisfying as a result.
    I would say more but to reveal anything else would give too much away. Read this for yourself. Better yet, produce it.
  • Time in a Bottle
    1 Feb. 2023
    Newlywed bliss is so perfect, Trey wants to bottle the moment so it lasts forever. Hilary Bluestein-Lyons, as she does so expertly, mucks this up for our hero and delivers comedy gold in this hilarious short play. Memories should last but moments need to come and go — much like Simone, whose need to go kickstarts the conflict.
    This would be a hoot for actors and audiences alike. Well done!
  • I'm Not Your First, Am I?
    1 Feb. 2023
    A lovely short play about what can happen when we drop the façade we want the world to see and show our true selves, calluses and all. Bravo!
  • The Mediator
    30 Jan. 2023
    As someone who keeps, but rarely plays, a guitar near my desk, I felt personally attacked by this play. :)

    Seriously, Christopher Soucy's "The Mediator" is a brilliant piece about the price we pay for growing up, and the bits of ourselves we lose as we do. I think audiences would connect with it and walk away thinking about "The Mediator," as well as whatever dreams they've shoved in their own closets over the years.