Recommended by Jackie Martin

  • The Realization Came Halfway Through the Donut
    11 Oct. 2021
    This love story is equal parts funny and relatable and oh, so touching. I have only known Ed and Marjorie for 10 minutes or so, but I'm rooting for them like crazy. Great two hander for any short play festival.
  • When Cranes Cha-Cha
    11 Oct. 2021
    When I read the story that inspired this piece, I hoped someone would turn it into a play. I'm so glad that someone is Emily McClain! This short play is very funny and has a great ending that the audience won't expect. Produce it, please!
  • The Old Railroad (a one-minute play)
    11 Oct. 2021
    I’m a sucker for some non-toxic masculinity, and “The Old Railroad” tugged on my heartstrings in all the right ways. I am always amazed when a writer is able to pack so much emotion and backstory into a 1 minute play- but I am not surprised when that writer is Scott Sickles. Add this one to your 1 minute play OR winter holiday festival.
  • The Angel
    2 Aug. 2021
    "The Angel" kept me guessing up until the last moment. It's a dark and intriguing play with two strong roles and great momentum - this piece will definitely have audiences talking long after the curtain falls.
  • Brothers on a Hotel Bed (15 minute play)
    2 Jul. 2021
    This play accomplishes so much in just 15 pages. It's beautifully written - poignant and engaging, with strong characters who feel fully drawn from the first moment. Great roles for two actors.
  • Character Points
    17 Feb. 2021
    I love this play, I love these characters. I would absolutely watch a whole series about these young women. Clever, real, and touching. Highly recommend!
    16 Feb. 2021
    "Growth in Isolation" is inventive, charming, and peculiar. I love the concept & understand the paradox of feeling both rooted to someone (heh) and experiencing growth in their absence. So many questions arise: Which version of Ryan is the real Ryan? Is Kallie right in her assessment of the situation, or is she simply being narrow-minded?
    And excuse me, but this title is excellent.
    This is one of those plays that opens your mind to what a play can be. Produce it!
  • Angel
    16 Feb. 2021
    "Angel" is clever fun with a great twist I didn't see coming. Audiences will have plenty to talk about.
  • This Year
    16 Feb. 2021
    Many of us spent 2020 lamenting the myriad woes we had to contend with and wondering why we were still expected to continue to show up to work and pay bills on time in the midst of it all. With "This Year," Greg Lam takes the disaster(s) of 2020 and adds *just* one more little problem. Darkly funny and easy to produce no matter the venue. Highly recommended!
  • They Say Music Makes Memories
    16 Feb. 2021
    With "They Say Music Makes Memories," Cathro captures the weight of strained parental relationships without ever feeling heavy-handed. Lee's emotional journey is dynamic and powerful; her confusion, anger, and hurt will resonate with anyone who has ever known the feeling of "love but not like."