Recommended by Kenneth N. Kurtz

  • Sondheim Syndrome
    21 Nov. 2021
    Sondheim Syndrome is a delightful little romp, a musical theatre dreamlet. Bravo Marjorie Bicknell
  • Forgive Thyself
    5 Nov. 2021
    Forgive Thyself is a delicious piece of writing, meaning real food for thought, and a view of God that beats any Sunday school lesson, confirmation conclave or sermon that I ever heard. Ten pages of fine, yet light hearted common sense. Thank you, Mr. Busser
    5 Oct. 2021
    Polemic arguments are among the most difficult tasks for any dramatist. But Nedra Petzold Roberts manages to create a kind of polemic poetry in a scene wherein the souls of G.B.Shaw and Joan of Arc dispute the validity of belief. Roberts has a fine ear for Shavian language, and it's fine fun to see a saint humble the great man. Read Voices!
  • Stiff Competition
    4 Oct. 2021
    Just in time for Halloween, John Busser proves to be Master of the Macabre with a delicious middle school tale of misplaced body parts, as well as a fine putdown of science fair politics.
  • The Disappearance of Greta
    1 Oct. 2021
    The Disappearance of Greta is not a fairy tale...and yet it is. In 1943 Berlin foul mouthed Nazis play the wicked witch, Greta is the heroine, and a fourteen year old boy works saving magic within the web of nasty realism, This lovely play is prime Plumridge.
  • Miss R.R.Hood Versus The Wolf.
    1 Oct. 2021
    One cannot take umbrage with Christopher Plumridge. Once again he's turned a fairy tale on its head and made it dance with fun in Miss R.R.Hood Versus the Wolf.
  • Cows 'N' Moon
    1 Oct. 2021
    In Cows N' Moon, Christopher Plumridge writes with such charming whimsy that makes me want to read all of his work...which this weekend I shall proceed to do.
  • i believe in a republic in which money has a great deal to say.
    30 Sep. 2021
    Julia Sprecht has given us nine pages of wonderful fun wherein quiet poetry swirls around rank satire, and something to think about when we tour the "cottages" of Newport. Upstairs nicely upstaged by downstairs.
  • The Cardinal
    28 Sep. 2021
    DC Cathro never fails to delight me. In nine rich, relentless pages he wrestles with queerness, Catholicism, a mother and her son...and a very red bird called a cardinal.
  • The Bad Boy of the Sonnets
    15 Sep. 2021
    Whether thine or thee, who will Will be?
    This little sonnet's Rinkle's gift we'll see.
    A deft and musing writer wrinkling history.