Recommended by Kenneth N. Kurtz

    17 Sep. 2020
    Finding Help is a fine trio of characters and ten pages of delightfully honest duplicity that one wishes it could continue and grow into a full length play,
    13 Sep. 2020
    There is a fine art to writing period dialogue. One should not wallow in the language of the past, but must not betray the cliches, or worse, the slang of the present. In this rendition of The Bell Witch, Rachael Carnes perfectly walks the linguistic tightrope, with ten minutes of a fine haunted tale.
  • Competition Postponed Due to Weather
    9 Sep. 2020
    A fine little moment wherein mother and daughter discover purpose, and a fine piece of warmly poetic prose as well. Now I want to read a lot more DC Cathro's work.
  • It Jungle Out There
    7 Sep. 2020
    It more than jungle out there, It full of wit and charm and funny too. In little more than ten pages, John Busser prove best friend Tarzan ever have.
  • It's the Thought... That Kills!
    6 Sep. 2020
    John Busser has written another gem of pure style, and one you can't ignoire.
    6 Sep. 2020
    I love plays with twists, and in Pickup Marj O'Neill-Butler has written a little beauty, and it's the kind of twist that serves 'em right.
  • Home-Style Cooking at the Gateway Cafe
    1 Sep. 2020
    Mr. Williams serves up his usual warm home-style writing with the jarring zing of an ever so up-to-date twist.
  • Commemorative Edition
    18 Jul. 2020
    Some plays can hit very close to home. As a gay man whose teenage years were the 1950s, this play really spoke to me, but did it with charm as well as truth. Thank you DC Cathro.
  • George Orwell’s 1989: A “Swift” 10 Minute Adaptation
    17 Jun. 2020
    This delicious comic satire fascinates in that it is both timely and timeless at the same time. That's a neat trick that Steven Hayet plays to perfection.
  • Wendy Unwritten
    6 Jun. 2020
    As far as I can tell, NPX has three plays in its library inspired by Peter Pan. In "Straight On 'Til Morning" Rachel Diamond has created a hauntingly lovely prequel to the tale. With "Wendy Unwritten" Kat Ramsburg provides a modern urban sequel full of longing for a wished-for past. Both plays celebrate the feminine side of the growing up conundrum. Third play is mine which best sums up that conundrum with its title: "Panegyric." Read all three...You'll enjoy them.