Recommended by Kenneth N. Kurtz

  • Teaching Professor Langstrom
    1 Aug. 2021
    I've written three plays about gay seduction, and I'm proud of them. But I'd be so proud if they wound their springs as tightly and flipped the switches as smoothly as DC Cathro does in Teaching Professor Langstrom. This is a fine and memorable play.
  • The Hunter
    4 May. 2021
    A solid spoof of bear hunting. "Well Done!"
  • The Inseparables
    31 Mar. 2021
    What grand good theatrical fun....The Three Musketeers poured through the prism of Noises Off, as a third rate American "company" wanders blindfolded through Dumas's mad plot. Thank you T.J.Young for a lovely read and the hope of an imminent production.
  • Davy & Stu
    22 Mar. 2021
    Davy & Stu is the kind of poetic prose that all drama should be made of. And a superb example how to write in dialect through word choice and order alone without the need for any phonetic signals. Ten pages of boys by a bog yearning to touch. Thank you Anton Dudley.
  • Orwell in America
    28 Feb. 2021
    A dazzling theatrical dive into the mind of George Orwell. Joe Sutton's electric dialogue transports us through now and then, from on-stage to off, and in and out of consciousness in a lightning fast 86 pages. I loved this play.
    25 Jan. 2021
    The Portrait is one of the best historical pieces that I have read on NPX. Paul Smith beautifully renders the cadences of Winston Churchill's speech and lets us delve into the faltering ego of a great man past his a fine discourse on the art of portraiture. I'd love to see this with Gary Oldman playing Churchill and Cumberbatch as Sutherland. Spoiler alert: Mr. Smith is the publisher of many NPX plays, including some of mine. The Portrait should make us all grateful.
  • The German Play
    15 Nov. 2020
    The German Play is the single funniest ten minutes that I have found on NPX. Two actors who know no German must none-the-less perform a play wonderfully miss-translated from its Teutonic text. Es ist eine wunderbar kurz spiele! (And with my surname I should know.)
  • Once More unto the Beach
    18 Oct. 2020
    Once More Onto The Beach is a piece of ten minute perfection, written by a guy who creates fine lucid, yet delightfully off-hand dialogue. Who knew a life's end could be so much fun?
  • Sorry, Shakespeare
    28 Sep. 2020
    It maketh me laugh right well. I even guffaweth. I thank thee Ken Levine.
  • Dating Through the Decades
    21 Sep. 2020
    Ken Levine has an ear perfectly tuned to period dialogue. Dating Through The Decades is a gem...a polished diamond in fact.