Recommended by D. Lee Miller

    7 May. 2020
    Nice girls can get adventurous, too - with no regrets. And here we have those choices at a party, that bring us where we want to be! A nice moment captured by Lermond.
  • Circling the Globe
    4 May. 2020
    Daly gets right down to it in this mother/daughter face-off. The conflict between a mother who has everything and a daughter who has nothing has been festering for years and the daughter and it finally erupts. Would love to see this performed!
  • Far North
    4 May. 2020
    A haunting monologue that swings from a woman who is simply inept at technology to one who is much much deeper than that. Like an onion being peeled, we burrow down further into the loss this woman feels and how it's damaged her life. A wonderful piece for an older actress.
    4 May. 2020
    A chance meeting in the city of Independence, Mo. Two literary minds meet in friendly, independent combat and venture towards friendly independent friendship - or more! Delightful.
  • Do Not Bend
    1 May. 2020
    A short, funny moment that creates a bridge for a couple to resume their lives together. Very funny and charming.
  • Where We Dead Awaken
    30 Apr. 2020
    One wishes to be the spicy brown mustard on a nearby hot dog, eavesdropping on this long-married couple who still love and like each other. Comfortable humor and talk gives us a very real and loving portrait. Mr. Sickles, you've done it again!
  • Millennium Waltz
    30 Apr. 2020
    How does Sickles bridge deep love from the past to the present and future? With a deft touch, a huge talent and underplaying the emotion - allowing the audience to feel it all - and all in ten minutes. What a beautiful piece. Would highlight any festival.
    30 Apr. 2020
    I love the performers from this period - the stars of the Follies - theatre on the road. W.C. Fields was one of the best and brightest of these stars and O'Grady serves up this star and the real man beneath with care. She knows her character well and brings to life one of the truthful and most interesting chapters of Fields' life. A wonderful writer, we are in great hands while learning about the inimitable W.C. - I enjoyed it so much!
  • Message From Leonardo. Being one in a series of "How it Really Happened"
    29 Apr. 2020
    The first circle of hell for a writer is caught between the teeth in this great monologue by David Patton. It will give an actor a wide berth for this study of creation and jealousy. Well done.
  • Tae a Virus
    29 Apr. 2020
    Hearing/Reading it with the brogue and in this parody, it makes the virus seem more real planting us right in the present with a classical bent. We have joined the history of the world's mysteries! An unexpected and welcome addition to our quarantine literature!