Recommended by Jean Koppen

  • She's Blown Away
    10 Sep. 2020
    The best plays make you feel something. In ten minutes I was taken on a journey I never expected, and felt true affection for these young adults navigating a very adult world. Well-written, timely and heartfelt.
  • Brothers on a Hotel Bed (15 minute play)
    12 Jun. 2020
    I love the dialogue in this piece. The playwright cleverly communicates who these characters are and the nature of their relationships quickly, helping the reading become invested in both of them and their complicated relationship. The drama is high and issues complex. A wonderfully meaty short play for two male actors. The ending packs an emotional punch.
  • The Tenants
    24 Mar. 2020
    This is an excellent play. It begins with an interesting premise, and ends in a surprise twist that left me emotionally gutted. The Tenants stayed with me long after I finished reading it. Bravo!
  • Everything Here Is So Delicious
    19 Mar. 2020
    This play is not for the faint of heart. It cuts straight through you, then comes back through again in case it missed you the first time. Even the stage directions are satirical. Dark, twisted and wildly theatrical, this piece pushes it audience to confront its ugliness with wicked humor.
  • Persephone
    19 Mar. 2020
    This is a touching play on dealing with grief and loss. Inspired by the myth of Persephone, it's contemporary and eternal. This is the best use of theater, connecting us together by the experiences that we share through the story of these four people. At the end I cried and smiled at the same time. I love that.
  • CROSSING THE AMUR: A Third Installment in the Sock Monkey ™ Cycle
    19 Mar. 2020
    Thank you Rachael for creating a play that dips its toe into the worry and fear we all have in such a hilarious, imaginative way! I really care about these two characters and their unconventional relationship. I think this would be fabulous on the stage but also great presented via internet. I can't wait to see what actors and directors make of it!
  • I Hate This (a play without the baby)
    18 Mar. 2020
    This is an absolutely lovely read and I imagine a beautiful play to see performed. It doesn't wallow in the heartache, but guides you lovingly through the sorrow of a man grieving his loss in a real, everyday way. There is pain, but you're not bogged down by it. You are welcomed into it. Wonderfully written and open to creative staging and powerful acting. Most of all, this play is pure, raw heart.
  • Pigeon Trap
    11 Mar. 2020
    I saw this play performed at Keegan Theatre's Womxn on Fire Festival and it is genius! With great acting and direction, this is pure delight! So creative and unexpected.
  • Sooner/Later
    18 Feb. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing this play produced by Mosaic Theater in 2019 and it knocked my socks off. I read it and I was even more impressed. It is absolutely amazing what Currin has created with her three beautiful characters and the surprising way they intersect in this play in such delicate and emotional ways. I felt all the feels again. I hope it sees many more stages.
    11 Feb. 2020
    What an incredibly creative and touching script! I love the way the playwright weaves her compelling personal story into this comedic back and forth between characters. So fun!