Recommended by Jean Koppen

  • Sooner/Later
    18 Feb. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing this play produced by Mosaic Theater in 2019 and it knocked my socks off. I read it and I was even more impressed. It is absolutely amazing what Currin has created with her three beautiful characters and the surprising way they intersect in this play in such delicate and emotional ways. I felt all the feels again. I hope it sees many more stages.
    11 Feb. 2020
    What an incredibly creative and touching script! I love the way the playwright weaves her compelling personal story into this comedic back and forth between characters. So fun!
  • Babel
    5 Feb. 2020
    This play is crazy good - creative, compelling, and heart-felt. From the first moments of this play I was in it and it stayed with me, making me think long after I stopped reading. The playwright deftly created real, down-to-earth characters and relationships in this otherworldly, futuristic setting - making the issues relevant and timely. The spaces left in the dialogue were simultaneously poetic and rich in detail. As the play progressed I was continually surprised - I didn't see the twists and turns coming. WOW.
  • Character Arc
    5 Feb. 2020
    This one-act includes well-drawn characters who manage to communicate fully who they are, and who they are to each other, through energetic dialogue. Each one, and their relationships with each other, truly have an "arc." The ending is touching in a way that audience members will instantly relate to.
  • /ärt/
    8 Jan. 2020
    What a fun piece! Lots of comic potential for actors as they work themselves into a frenzy over childrens' drawings. The ending was a perfect denouement. Definitely a lesson for all the adults, including those in the audience.
  • Miss Keller Has No Second Book
    2 Jan. 2020
    What a terrific play! The dialogue is compelling. The characters leap off the page. The playwright skillfully tells you everything you need with out spelling out every little detail. A delightful read. It’s not hard to see why this play has gotten so many accolades. I highly recommend this for reading, for production, and as instruction to playwrights on how to do it right!
  • Class Act
    2 Jan. 2020
    I love a play that surprises you, and Class Act absolutely does that! It takes the reader on a hilarious roller-coaster ride. A very entertaining play!
  • Leftovers
    2 Jan. 2020
    Leftovers takes place in the basement on Thanksgiving day, a perfect metaphor for this dark, secret-filled family drama. The playwright excellently created a family that is simultaneously specific and universal. The dialogue and characters are funny and real, and their banter keeps the pace moving. I especially appreciate how there is a sadness to each of the characters. I found myself rooting for all of them, and by the end I was crying for all of them. An excellent play!
  • Fridge
    9 Dec. 2019
    This is whimsical and insightful! I loved the humor. Strong characters, including the fridge! I also especially appreciate that the characters can be cast to be any age, gender or race/ethnicity. So helpful to people who have specific actor pools to work with, AND good for high school theater groups.
  • Just in Case Texts
    17 Sep. 2019
    Oh wow - I wanted this play to continue. It definitely goes where you don't expect it to. I imagine myself sitting in a theater and being struck speechless. I think this is a wonderful play for youth and speaks about a topic important for today.