Recommended by Jean Koppen

  • Free & Proud
    13 Aug. 2018
    From the first page I was drawn into this world, this relationship. Although this situation is worlds away from anything I've experienced I felt all the emotions were relevant to me. When the characters use words to devastate each other, I felt devastated. Free & Proud is what I love about theater - it makes you feel. It breaks your heart. It makes you feel connected to humanity. More of this, please. PS When I finished the last line I felt compelled to text my love to my partner because this play completely opened up my heart.
  • Swimming Up the Sun
    8 Aug. 2018
    This is a beautiful story full of poetic imagery and emotion.
  • It's My Party!
    8 Aug. 2018
    This telling of women's fight for the vote is not only an important and compelling story, it's fun and entertaining. The barriers of time collapse and the characters feel contemporary.
  • Zombie?
    24 Jun. 2018
    Zombie? is hilarious! I loved reading this quick-paced short play, full of fun one-liners and dramatic tension. This is an especially fantastic play for high school students. Not only will teenagers love to play these characters, all characters are gender neutral which allows for flexible casting. Perfect for schools!