Recommended by Enid Cokinos

  • Bootsie Manilow Speaks
    4 Aug. 2022
    Our pets know when things aren’t right and Bootsie Manilow isn’t afraid to speak his mind about owner Hannah’s current dilemma…or any other topic. BOOTSIE MANILOW SPEAKS is a touching short play about a life-changing conversation between Hannah and her beloved cat. A nice addition to Rhino Theatre’s 6th Annual One-Act Jamboree.
  • The Realization Came Halfway Through the Donut
    4 Aug. 2022
    THE REALIZATION CAME HALFWAY THROUGH THE DONUT is a short play full of humor—and sweet sentiments—between Ed and Marjorie when Ed decides he needs to lose weight and his first morning out jogging was eventful, to say the least. Well-played by the actors in Rhino Theatre’s 6th Annual One-Acts Jamboree.
  • Art in a Safe Space
    2 Aug. 2022
    James Menges has put a clever, modern-day spin on the story of Adam and Eve, and the subtle hints he inserted along the way made this play even more entertaining. I enjoyed watching the actors bring ART IN A SAFE SPACE to life during Rhino Theatre’s 6th Annual One-Act Jamboree.
  • Underneath
    27 Jul. 2022
    UNDERNEATH by Dana Hall is a touching story capturing the emotional battle of whether to keep or toss seemingly silly mementos that adult children often deal with as their older parents shift into the next phase of life. This play is a nice reminder that it isn’t the “thing” that’s important, but the joy and the memories each item holds, creating a family’s history. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this lovely addition to Rhino Theatre’s 6th Annual One Act Jamboree.
  • The Wedding
    23 Jul. 2022
    I had the pleasure of seeing J. Weintraub’s THE WEDDING performed at Rhino Theatre’s 6th Annual One Act Jamboree last week. This short play is chock full of humor. As the family ponders their obligation to attend a “mixed marriage” wedding, they share memories of past (Jewish) weddings and take it up a notch by performing the Hora dance and everyone singing Hava Nagila. I half expected the audience to jump up and join in! A truly delightful play!
  • The Meadow - 10 Minute Play
    13 Jul. 2022
    Ryan Kaminski’s play THE MEADOW is a reminder to NEVER underestimate the resourcefulness of a woman scorned. I’m certain Miss Harris did not see that coming! An easily produced play with an intriguing plot and a nice twist.
  • One is the Road
    23 Jun. 2022
    I had the pleasure of hearing ONE IS THE ROAD read at the 2018 Midwest Dramatists Conference. I was captivated listening to the very talented actor reading this monologue about the last few minutes of a car trip told as a series of thoughts. Reading it now, reminded me what a creative piece this is.
  • The Jinx
    7 Jun. 2022
    A touching story about love and baseball (a little something for everyone). But what if Joe’s new girlfriend is a jinx to his beloved team? Can he make the tough choice to ensure his team wins the series? Plummer adds an unexpected twist at the end that made me smile. Nicely done.
  • I'll Tell You at Sunrise
    26 May. 2022
    A touching few minutes between a desperate man and a homeless man on a train platform. Will the vagabond carry through on the man’s peculiar request for help, or will he provide the man with the only assistance his conscience will allow? Gonzalez’s play keeps us wondering to the very end.
  • Ms. Claus
    6 May. 2022
    MS. CLAUS is a delightful short play and a creative take on how Santa is selected. The selection committee is striking out, not a decent candidate to be found. That is until Tina shows up! Loaded with humor and appropriate for the whole family, this play is a perfect addition to any holiday festival.