Recommended by Enid Cokinos

  • Cue
    16 Apr. 2024
    I want to see this play! Every page is filled with laughs as actors John and Mary cover for Tom who just can’t seem to hit his cue. But Tom’s off-stage comments about missing shoes and forgetting to don his dance belt (still laughing) drive the ad-libbing hilarity on stage giving all of the actors a chance to shine. A wonderful comedy by Kate Danley.
  • Barcelona
    9 Apr. 2024
    From start to finish, BARCELONA is packed with humor and I couldn’t wait to see how the story unfolded. The interaction between adult Agent Milton and a very young Agent Skye Hunter? Priceless! A great piece of theatre that would be an equally fabulous short film.
  • Fireflies
    1 Apr. 2024
    FIREFLIES is a perfect mixture of spookiness and humor as these two lonely characters from beyond the veil connect by the ghost light in an old theatre. A wonderful play for any festival, but a slam-dunk for a Halloween or ghost-themed event.
  • Seventh Inning Stretch (Ten Minute)
    22 Mar. 2024
    Poor Max. Probably should have at least broached the subject of marriage before popping the question on the jumbotron at a major league baseball game, huh? Enter Sis Brenda and Best Bud Stuart to help him move on from the humiliation. And even if there isn’t hope for romance, there’s always Pickle Ball. A fun short play by Paul Donnelly.
  • Speed-Dating: A Day at the Races
    20 Mar. 2024
    Using a horse race as an analogy for a speed-dating event is brilliant. Hats off to Nora Louise Syran for this highly amusing, and incredibly accurate, monologue!
  • Labels
    12 Mar. 2024
    Ah, those important life lessons…how to do laundry being right there at the top of the list. Debra Cole packs a lot of humor into these few pages!
  • Stella Wind
    6 Mar. 2024
    Bridgette Dutta Portman has penned a wonderful play. The characters interactions and comical negotiation immediately pulled me in. Stephanie: set on saving the world as Stella Wind. Mom: refusing to give into her teenage daughter’s superhero fantasies (but then again, who’s to say she’s not the leader of the Cosmonaut Quartet, dedicated to defending Earth from evil aliens bent on enslaving the human race?). A humorous story capped off with a touching mother-daughter moment. Loved it!
  • Future War
    12 Feb. 2024
    Emily has the selection of her future soulmate all figured out. With the help of a special dating app, she can quickly weed out incompatibility, thus saving precious time and energy otherwise wasted on a going-nowhere-relationship. But Emily is confronted with a difficult choice when she meets The One: believe the app or simply enjoy what could be the best years of her life? I love when a play can deliver valuable life-lessons with humor, and FUTURE WAR does just that. Thanks to Max Gill for this delightful piece of theatre.
    12 Feb. 2024
    What happens when a novelist puts her mastery of the macabre to work in order to spend time with Luis, the oh-so-hot fireman living in the apartment downstairs? We get ALL HALLOWS EVE! Tricia’s motives appear innocent on the surface, until Evelyn, a plucky lady of a certain age, *appears*, adding a nice bit of humor as she sets the record straight. Twists and turns abound in this short play by Charles Scott Jones. This one is perfect for Halloween/ghost themed festivals.
  • The Wrap Up
    10 Feb. 2024
    Oh, my goodness, still laughing. THE WRAP UP is a brilliant comedic mix of the ancient Egyptian world and modern-day life. Makalanii and Ebo are two happy-go-lucky slaves who LOVE their work, and High Priest Nefurtum gives them a chance to continue serving their beloved King Tut once the pyramid is done. But there’s a bit of a catch (no spoilers here). These characters practically jump off the page thanks to John Busser’s quick wit and well-crafted dialogue. I loved this play…and what a perfect script for a short movie!