Recommended by Hayley St. James

  • i listened to s&m by rihanna too many times growing up and now i only f**k men who treat me poorly, or, RAILED!
    30 Apr. 2021
    An absolutely crackling, sparklingly queer monologue that makes me want to blast Rihanna in public on the biggest sound system possible. Naughty, nakedly emotional at points, and darkly funny throughout. Five minutes of heaven.
    25 Apr. 2021
    Mythic, queer, gorgeous, singular work. Glorious. Fly Jamerson’s play has broken my mind wide open. Read it. Produce it.
  • Eyes and Teeth
    12 Apr. 2021
    A poetic, primal, thrillingly queer reimagining of a classic fairy tale that breathes new life and agency into Red Riding Hood. Absolutely gorgeous work.
  • The Remarkably Unremarkable Crucifixion of Emma Reynolds
    12 Apr. 2021
    Daniel Prillaman continues to leave a haunting impression in my head with this chilling, twisty monologue that mesmerizes and breaks your heart in equal measure. This in performance/production would be such an intense experience for actor or audience. I eagerly await the day that happens.
    12 Apr. 2021
    The character dynamics pop, the banter is fizzy, and the conceit - an argument between a human man and his roommate, a sentient sock monkey - is surreal but familiar. “BOOTS” is a funny, bizarre, and thoroughly charming two-hander.
  • I, Corn Dog
    11 Apr. 2021
    A delicious bite of a one-minute play, seasoned perfectly with existential ennui. Matthew Weaver’s imagination is a gift, as always.
  • It's an Espresso Drink with Foamy Steamed Milk
    10 Apr. 2021
    The world is literally about to end, well-meaning but airheades Stellan warns us. But who cares about apocalypse, there’s macchiatos to drink! Oblivious, hilarious Stella is too busy complaining about completely ephemeral matters to really give thought to the impending destruction of the planet. Two minutes of delightfully cringe-laugh social satire.
  • Pilates of the Carob Eaten: An Autocorrected Play
    5 Apr. 2021
    A playwriting experiment and a very funny pirate comedy that despite its dialogue taking twists and turns, miraculously manages to make narrative sense in a surreal and silly way.
  • Waterloo!!!!!
    3 Apr. 2021
    A genre-defying, gut-bustingly hilarious, and wholly unexpected comedy. “Waterloo!!!!!” mines familiar pop culture discussions for all they’re worth in an ultra-meta coup de theatre that transcends what can be done on stage. The winner takes it all, indeed.
    31 Mar. 2021
    A deeply, profoundly surreal and weird-in-the-best-way story of a guy, a girl, a garage full of unorthodox raccoons, and an utterly gonzo football watch party. Poetic yet jarring interludes pepper the narrative. Dialogue crackles with references to Boston culture and television commercial jingles. It’s all so much to take in... and such an enthralling, unhinged journey. Produce this, if you have the guts to do something this out there.