Recommended by Cassandra Rose

  • Good Years
    21 Oct. 2021
    I was momentarily in the room while this play was being developed. So honest and cringy and beautiful and horny. It'll make you feel like a teenage girl again (or for the first time)
  • My Passport Should Be Brown
    12 Jun. 2021
    This play was part of the Chicago Theatre Marathon in 2018. I'm elated to see it now on NPX. Theatres and theatermakers, take note of Rukmini
  • I Can't Ride Trains Anymore
    26 Oct. 2020
    Bitingly truthful, direct, and poetic. It reminds me of the original function of theatre to be a place where we come together and let ourselves let out the overflowing emotions we've been holding onto with nowhere to put them. In this monologue, we can finally grieve together.
  • Burn Her - A One-Act Salem Witch Trial Play
    19 Jul. 2020
    A fun romp through some LGBTQ absurdity. Don't mess with queer women, especially ones with metaphysical powers. This would make a great addition to any future ten minute play festivals!
  • Peg or Zen in the Art of Butt-f*cking Straight White Men or Actual Sexual Perversity in Chicago or You Can't F*ck a Metaphor.
    31 Oct. 2019
    An incredibly nuanced play that refuses to give easy answers, only accurate depictions. Best read in one go, take an afternoon to read this profanity-laced depiction of modern romance. You won't yuck this yum
  • Marlowe Unstuck
    30 Oct. 2019
    This piece was developed as part of the 2017 Chicago Theatre Marathon. And we're so glad it was! If you wish your Renaissance-era theatre had more time travel and aliens in it, look no further than Marlowe Unstuck
  • Miss Moore's Senior Drama Class Presents...
    28 Oct. 2019
    A fun way of connecting a classic class exercise with (then) current events. This piece exquisitely lends itself to creative and entertaining staging. A great addition to any ten minute play festival!
  • Jets, Sharks, Beckys
    27 Oct. 2019
    I saw Collaboraction's one-night performance of this a few years ago. Not only is it hilarious, but it's also a master class in making white theatre artists cringe. A sharply written comedy that should start making the short play circuit around the country ASAP.
  • ABCD
    27 Oct. 2019
    This play was part of the Chicago Theatre Marathon in 2017. Since then we've loved watching this piece (and this writer) grow and change over time. Worth the read; even more worth the chance to see Rukmini perform this in person
    8 Oct. 2019
    An excellent piece of docu-drama that expertly weaves together and preserves the experiences of 10 holocaust survivors. Definitely deserves to tour schools far and wide