Recommended by Mary Karty

  • Seneca and the Soul of Nero (Full-length play)
    1 May. 2021
    This is a powerful historical play that is in the forefront of our minds where what is good, truthful, and logical are sacrificed for a vile narcissist. No wonder why there is a body count. Although the speech is elevated, the story is compelling and the characters intriguing. This is the kind of play that will have you thinking about it for days. Eppich-Harris takes a story from long ago and a language from far away (can't get away from the Shakespearean influence with this one) and makes it adaptable to the modern world.
  • The Profession (Full-length play)
    1 May. 2021
    This is a great play that has a women over 40 as the main character, that's refreshing, right? The "Profession" deals with not only the power struggle of the patriarchy, but also of women friendships, the power of mentorship, and women looking out for other women. It is about who is believed and who is set aside. Eppich-Harris writes distinct characters that we don't often see on stage or screen: deeply flawed, some admirable, some deplorable. There are many "teachable" moments without being "preachy." There are elements of Shakespeare and Milton, but is very "now" and relatable.
    27 Jan. 2021
    "Love and Other Ailments" has a young man and an older man looking at romantic love from two different perspectives. In addition to about the joys and sacrifices in sharing a life with someone, it is also about weighing the pros and cons of self interest. The older man, William, talks of his sacrifices for his wife, but never mentions the sacrifices she made for him. Teddy seems to be much more egalitarian and has a solution to every annoyance that William brings up. This is a bitter-sweet, mostly sweet, take on love.
  • Disengaged Bedfellows (1 minute play)
    27 Jan. 2021
    This is a compact short play that has a full-length play worth of emotions distilled into one minute. The back story of why the couple is apart is not as important as the impact. This play will leave the audience feeling a range of emotions depending if they are the wistful type, or the resentful. Well done. "Disengaged Bedfellows" will be a kick in the gut that will keep the audience thinking and feeling long after the curtain fall.
  • 153
    24 Jan. 2021
    Martin has done it again, elicited strong emotions of regret, grief, and forgiveness in the short play, "153." This would be an interesting play to stage with the three ages of the same character.
  • Abandonment [a 1-minute play]
    23 Jan. 2021
    In this short monologue, Steven G. Martin has encapsulated what many of us have had, a crisis of faith. So much emotion and drama in one minute. So powerful.
  • Physical Education
    22 Jan. 2021
    I had the pleasure of seeing this as part of Divafest 2019 in Indianapolis. It was a standout of the festival. This was exciting with the stakes being constantly raised by small intervals until it all blows up in their faces. This is charming, funny, and well done.
  • A Teddy Bear Named Norbert (a short Christmas play)
    22 Jan. 2021
    This a very sweet, family friendly holiday play about childhood memories and hope. This would be a fine addition to any family friendly holiday short play festival.
  • Cabfare For The Common Man (a ten minute play)
    19 Jan. 2021
    Beyond the charm and sentiment of this short play is the precious ache of the human struggle. Where to go, what to do, who to go with on the journey, but life keeps going whether you choose something or not. There are a lot of different directions this short play can be interpreted with the right director and cast. The dialogue is quick, crisp, yet belies so much emotion. The audience will be able to identify so much with this piece. This is why Mark Harvey Levine is the master of the short play.
  • Some Guy Masturbated In The Ocean
    19 Jan. 2021
    Wow. That play took a lot of twists and turns. Definitely not boring. This plays deals with many taboos in a short amount of time and yet is still funny and very entertaining.