Recommended by Mary Karty

  • The War on Christmas (and Other Bullshit)
    19 Jan. 2021
    "The War on Christmas (an Other Bullshit) is very topical, very right now. It looks at different ends of the societal spectrum and shows that no one is listening. Then there is the voice of a child, or at least a teenager, setting the record straight. Although it is holiday themed. it is edgy and fresh enough for any short play festival.
  • The Baddest Kid on Emerson
    3 Jan. 2021
    Wow. This is dark and powerful. A story of two mean, bad mouthed kids, an aging mother, and a grown man with PTSD from the Gulf War. This play would be like if you were to put PTSD in a shot glass and drink it. It would be intoxicating, dizzying, and it will make you sick and sad. This play is like if all the sad and angry keys were on a piano and they were all slammed all at once. Fantastic job. This should be staged.
  • The Craving
    3 Jan. 2021
    Short, funny play that has a bit of the sci/fi fantasy element as a couple tries to connect to their real selves after a freak accident on the baseball diamond.
  • Holiday Drinks
    16 Dec. 2020
    I got to watch this little holiday gem as a part of Westfield Playhouse. It has good movement with the chairs that is a visual metaphor. The dialogue is witty and realistic. The characters are interesting and relatable. This play turns hurt and awkwardness into something new, just in time for the holidays.
  • Promposal!
    16 Dec. 2020
    I loved "Promposal!" so much! It is sweet, tender, and relatable. It is like you really got to know these complex characters in a short amount of time. Every high school or young actors theatre should stage this play. Perfectly charming and heartwarming.
  • Brothers on a Hotel Bed (15 minute play)
    16 Dec. 2020
    "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" has tension all the way through. There is mystery and heart in snappy dialogue that is interesting to the audience. It keeps moving towards the end without a moment's release on the tension. Great job.
  • Happy Holidays (or Bust) (10 minute play)
    16 Dec. 2020
    "Happy Holidays (or Bust) is both funny and heartbreaking. It has so many dynamics in ten minutes. It will make you sad, angry, embarrassed, and laugh all at the same time. There is a lot here. Fine writing of complex characters which is a rarity in such a short time span. Plenty of belly laughs and gut punches.
  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons [a monologue]
    16 Dec. 2020
    "38 Cookies, 38 Reasons" really made me feel something. This really goes to the heart of emotional eating. There is hardly anything out there that treats this delicate subject with as much respect, dignity, and honesty. So good. So timely. Thank you, Steven, for writing this. Representation matters.
  • Garland, Gynos, and Gurneys
    16 Dec. 2020
    Delightfully irreverent to Christmas and childhood memories. This play is funny, but gets to some real hurt families may face at a time of year that everyone is "supposed" to be so happy. This play is more relatable than I first thought. It is dark and yet refreshing.
  • Aloha Apocalypse (Ten Minute Play)
    15 Dec. 2020
    This has so much emotion in one play. There is humor, love, betrayal, and redemption in only 10 minutes. Very adaptable.