Recommended by Mary Karty

  • Ordained (a ten minute play)
    14 Dec. 2020
    "Ordained" is a charmer. It seems like it is going one way, but goes another. This play is jam packed with humor and heart. Absolutely delightful.
  • Cornered
    13 Dec. 2020
    "Cornered" has so many layers. It starts as a cute little rom/com adventure and then takes a turn. Becky does not waste a single line or a single word. Every bit of dialogue, every movement builds the tension and reveals character. A perfect 10 minute play.
  • I mean...meow?
    13 Dec. 2020
    Cute and relatable. Makes me rethink being a cat person. This play is like one big apology for everything and seeking empathy from everyone, but that cat.
  • aMUSEd
    13 Dec. 2020
    The play "aMused" is a charming romp through misunderstandings, loss, and the power friendship. There are funny parts, especially with physical humor balanced with more heartfelt monologues. All the characters have depth and warmth. Tyler is a minor character that packs a major punch of comedy. There is enough heart and playfulness for all ages.