Recommended by Christine Foster

  • A Walk In The Ocean (a ten minute play)
    1 Aug. 2020
    One of my all-time favourite short plays. Intelligent, sensitive, funny, touching and ultimately unpredictable.
    And you like both the characters, and care about what happens. Wow. That's pretty rare in a short piece.
  • A Nice Danish Boy (a ten minute play)
    1 Aug. 2020
    There are quite a few comic riffs on Shakespeare scenes, and I usually find they fall a bit flat, but not in this case. I was smiling from the start and laughing aloud by the end, loving the mix of real text and kvetching. A great addition to any festival.
    1 Aug. 2020
    An upbeat and tenderhearted look at an adult mother-daughter relationship that avoids stereotypes, softens edges, and allows the actors to explore and enjoy both the naturalistic dialogue and the underlying humour.
  • Our Daughter Katie
    1 Aug. 2020
    A very clever concept, but a bit heartbreaking, too. Mom and Dad are struggling with their teen daughter's selfish, oppositional behavior when to their delight and relief a loving, respectful, appreciative version of their child drops in. What is so moving is that of course inside their actual troubled teen this "other" Katie still exists, but is in too much in pain to show it.
    31 Jul. 2020
    A very entertaining piece on a very unusual asylum seeker who wants to stay in Canada. A witty romp with great dialogue and lots of zany action, a truly funny "interview with a vampire."
  • THE UNOPENED VALENTINE (ten-minute play)
    31 Jul. 2020
    This is such an intriguing piece on memory and regret. Do you really want to know what you don't know?
    Will the discovery only make your emotional state more painful? If you don't investigate the mystery now, could you leave it for another time or is it better to destroy the possibility (and the knowledge) now and get it over with? One of the lovely things about the play is the resolution of this puzzle, which fully engages the audience's imagination.
  • Augusta's Diamond Ring
    9 Jul. 2020
    I love this format, storytelling is after all the original theatre, bold and engrossing
    and the perfect marriage of imagination, plot and character and this charming tale
    does it right - with homage to Dickens, Aleichem, Poe, Washington Irving along the way!
    Such fun, Should be in every Halloween Festival.
  • The Emergency Code
    9 Jul. 2020
    Derren Brown on Speed is quite an image,
    leading us on a fascinating trip through the mind of a professional hustler.
    We're never sure if the speaker has
    any genuine gift other than his medicine show/snake oil confidence.
    But he might.
    9 Jul. 2020
    The local character and voice of (really, really) small town Maine,
    is beautifully captured here, along with the preoccupations of the denizens
    who know each other's history down to the last breath...or think they do.
    Intriguing, well told and satisfying.
  • Bottom of the Order
    9 Jul. 2020
    A perfectly observed, absolutely believable, hair-raising recreation of the control and manipulation of a teen by his bullying father. Insightful and realistic and complete in itself, it's also open-ended, leaving us imagining all sorts of additional past abuses, as well as wondering what the future will hold for the currently absent mother.