Recommended by Christine Foster

  • Imagine That
    10 Aug. 2019
    Great dialogue. Great pace. Great concept.
    7 Aug. 2019
    This is the sympathetic and fascinating saga of someone whose life has been brutally hijacked in the first bloom of youth. The play matters because this is a trap which can still be sprung on the unprepared or unlucky to this day - whether as a result of prejudice, injustice or, as in this case, misdiagnosis. A courageous elderly woman's memories are re-awakened by a young reporter with a secret grief of his own in what quickly becomes a many faceted tale that reaffirms the greater virtues of grace and forgiveness.
    23 Jun. 2019
    A lovely play with touching, economic dialogue that perfectly captures the intoxicating tug of wanting to be touched by genius and wanting to be loved for oneself alone. A very perceptive exploration of the equal selfishness of the loved and the lover, while motherlove may be the only bond that goes on and on.
  • The Rental
    23 Jun. 2019
    We were delighted to produce 'The Rental' in Cliffhanger's last round of Mixed Doubles where it won "audience favourite." Yes, it's brilliantly written and witty and can be played just for laughs, of which they are heaps, but the best thing about the play is that it is so well put together it can also be played with great sincerity, thoughtfully, and is still double-you-up -funny, while truly tugging at your heartstrings.
  • Scripted
    27 Feb. 2018
    The raft of productions Scripted has had is recommendation in itself of course, but this truly is a ten minute relationship comedy for everyone. No stereotypes, just funny, quirky, thoughtful, real people whom you like and feel for in a short play that's actually about something. And like all of Mr. Levine's work, it's flawlessly constructed, tight and well-paced. (and it won audience favourite when we produced it.)
  • ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND SCIENCE, a 10-min comedy
    27 Feb. 2018
    This sharp, original, well paced and very funny satirical piece really took off with our audience. The hoots of recognition and appreciation at the escalating competition between the fathers was terrific fun. The most frequent comment after the show was "OMG, that's so funny...and so true!"