Recommended by Christine Foster

  • New Soul
    2 Feb. 2020
    Full of love, tenderness and amazing suspense! As Jake searches for the identity of his birth parents while waiting for the birth of his own child, we are drawn into a tense well-paced mystery with onion layers peeled back at just the right pace. Real people, great dialogue and deep emotions make a strong story grow into something timely, timeless, and memorable.
  • Red Dress
    2 Feb. 2020
    Wittlinger's main character Donna, is writing a family memoir with pain, poignancy and wisdom, re-enacted in scenes that are so truthful you don't want them to end. Her dialogue is realistic and insightful and when referring to the history of her mother's home Donna drily says that "the bloodshed was minimal" which sets the stage for all the events that were resoundingly anything but minimal. The shocks, disappointments and missed opportunities over the generations are not only well observed but moving.
  • Flying
    2 Feb. 2020
    I smiled from the first line (a total ear to ear sort of smile) and was completely charmed by end... but I was left wanting more, lots more. Haas has skillfully captured the personality of the two sisters, with a completely brilliant and complete plot, all in the briefest of exchanges. Just loved it.
  • Sarai's Knife
    16 Jan. 2020
    This fascinating and challenging play explores the personal and social tensions in politically sensitive students and teachers in an art college, who are forced to come up against their own histories, as well as ever relevant racial and moral issues. Satisfying, pertinent and up to date.
    4 Jan. 2020
    The almost impossibly nosy and interfering mother is a great character, likeable and funny both. The play zips along with several surprises, insisting on a sunny outlook...all in the middle of a magically synchronistic storm.
  • When I Fall in Love, It Will Be..., a 10-minute play
    4 Jan. 2020
    Compassionate, believable and still surprising with a great twist. Makes you think and smile, as well being a much needed piece for older actors.
  • Off the Grid
    4 Jan. 2020
    I love the overlapping dialogue and dry wit, all delightful and realistic without any dumbing down or stereotypical characters. Fresh and huge fun.
  • Imagine That
    10 Aug. 2019
    Great dialogue. Great pace. Great concept.
    7 Aug. 2019
    This is the sympathetic and fascinating saga of someone whose life has been brutally hijacked in the first bloom of youth. The play matters because this is a trap which can still be sprung on the unprepared or unlucky to this day - whether as a result of prejudice, injustice or, as in this case, misdiagnosis. A courageous elderly woman's memories are re-awakened by a young reporter with a secret grief of his own in what quickly becomes a many faceted tale that reaffirms the greater virtues of grace and forgiveness.
    23 Jun. 2019
    A lovely play with touching, economic dialogue that perfectly captures the intoxicating tug of wanting to be touched by genius and wanting to be loved for oneself alone. A very perceptive exploration of the equal selfishness of the loved and the lover, while motherlove may be the only bond that goes on and on.