Recommended by Christine Foster

  • The Things You Find Out Between the First and Second Date
    24 Apr. 2020
    Cathro's dialogue is warm, perceptive and real, and there's a strong arc to the story which lifts it way beyond a conversation between a teen and her mom. (Okay, I had to look up "Brony", I admit, what a laugh.) A lovely ten minute play that delivers wisdom with a smile.
  • The Girl Wore Red Licorice
    23 Apr. 2020
    Fresh, imaginative, well put together and a wee bit a good way! Weaver's characters are sympathetic and real even when caught in a surreal comic red licorice smoothie of a play like this one. Great pace and dialogue and terrific fun all round.
    23 Apr. 2020
    Entertaining and clever with strong (intergenerational) parts for women - crafted and plotted with skill, suspense, irony, and great dialogue. And it's about the supernatural and life and death and philosophy and relationships and all sorts of things that matter.
  • Reprise
    18 Apr. 2020
    Sad and thoughtful, with overtones and hints at some of the darker places the current COVID events and current and future controls could yet take us. And what better place to consider dreams, memories and the ghosts of what might have been than in a shuttered theatre?
  • Taking the A Train, a 10-minute play
    18 Apr. 2020
    The suspense and dialogue are first rate, and believable, and the characters are so well drawn that you feel there is real growth from all of them as they live through a series of events that keeps the tension going to the end.
  • On the 38th Kiss, I Explode
    4 Apr. 2020
    Terrific and very original idea that's lots of fun, full of delightful dialogue and comic suspense.
    4 Apr. 2020
    A deceptively simple, poetic murmur of a monologue. And heartbreaking.
  • New Soul
    2 Feb. 2020
    Full of love, tenderness and amazing suspense! As Jake searches for the identity of his birth parents while waiting for the birth of his own child, we are drawn into a tense well-paced mystery with onion layers peeled back at just the right pace. Real people, great dialogue and deep emotions make a strong story grow into something timely, timeless, and memorable.
  • Red Dress
    2 Feb. 2020
    Wittlinger's main character Donna, is writing a family memoir with pain, poignancy and wisdom, re-enacted in scenes that are so truthful you don't want them to end. Her dialogue is realistic and insightful and when referring to the history of her mother's home Donna drily says that "the bloodshed was minimal" which sets the stage for all the events that were resoundingly anything but minimal. The shocks, disappointments and missed opportunities over the generations are not only well observed but moving.
  • Flying
    2 Feb. 2020
    I smiled from the first line (a total ear to ear sort of smile) and was completely charmed by end... but I was left wanting more, lots more. Haas has skillfully captured the personality of the two sisters, with a completely brilliant and complete plot, all in the briefest of exchanges. Just loved it.