Recommended by Christine Foster

  • Augusta's Diamond Ring
    9 Jul. 2020
    I love this format, storytelling is after all the original theatre, bold and engrossing
    and the perfect marriage of imagination, plot and character and this charming tale
    does it right - with homage to Dickens, Aleichem, Poe, Washington Irving along the way!
    Such fun, Should be in every Halloween Festival.
  • The Emergency Code
    9 Jul. 2020
    Derren Brown on Speed is quite an image,
    leading us on a fascinating trip through the mind of a professional hustler.
    We're never sure if the speaker has
    any genuine gift other than his medicine show/snake oil confidence.
    But he might.
    9 Jul. 2020
    The local character and voice of (really, really) small town Maine,
    is beautifully captured here, along with the preoccupations of the denizens
    who know each other's history down to the last breath...or think they do.
    Intriguing, well told and satisfying.
  • Bottom of the Order
    9 Jul. 2020
    A perfectly observed, absolutely believable, hair-raising recreation of the control and manipulation of a teen by his bullying father. Insightful and realistic and complete in itself, it's also open-ended, leaving us imagining all sorts of additional past abuses, as well as wondering what the future will hold for the currently absent mother.
  • Persephone
    9 Jul. 2020
    Most ten minute plays don't deliver full characterizations, or layers, or complexity, or even proper "big" themes very well - but this one does all four brilliantly, proving just what can be done in such a short piece. If it's "moments" that push and propel our feelings in theatre, they have to be well chosen. They are here, and they lead us on a dramatic,moving and satisfying journey.
  • Stravaiging
    8 Jul. 2020
    And evocative, intimate observation of moments in the past as full of love for family as for place. I had goosebumps feeling the wind tumbling the children and the puppy through the writer's mind.
  • Tap Test - (covid zoom play)
    8 Jul. 2020
    A great premise, delightfully delivered. And what fun to get all those
    twists in five minutes - a very timely smile!
  • These aren't meant to be worn (5 minute play)
    2 Jun. 2020
    An insightful piece about perception, relationships, and memory that creates and maintains a completely believable and original world of its own. Imaginative, poetic and satisfying.
    2 Jun. 2020
    An introspective and charming piece that warmly captures the personality of the speaker, would play like a dream and leave a smile on the audience's face.
    2 Jun. 2020
    A fresh and original idea, perfectly constructed. It delights as it builds to a
    a clever ending, with tons of opportunity for actors to create likeable, zany characters along the way.