Recommended by Christine Foster

  • BEACH WEDDING (from the STILL FEISTY Collection)
    1 May. 2020
    A lovely, loving tribute to family. A traditional Mum, a more open minded Dad have just attended one of those never to be repeated life evens that always galvanize opinions and emotions. Seen from their respective points of view we learn about the wedding of their daughter, the bride, who has not just shown her independence, she's shown just how much she honours and cares about her parents, too.
  • Motherlode - a monologue
    30 Apr. 2020
    Great fun, great pace, and also downright believable, this is a monologue of total overwhelm, provocation and confusion and lack of control in a world of every imaginable iteration of family stress. Makes you want to catch your breath, which you do when it's neatly paid off at the end.
  • The Recipe
    30 Apr. 2020
    Very moving duologue about telling the truth while you can, and letting go, as important for the living as for the dying. Lovely parts for two women of different generations, struggling to say hello and goodbye at the same time.
  • High Water Line
    30 Apr. 2020
    I would love to see this staged. A clever, absurd, black comedy in two scenes with surprising depth of characterization and plot in such a short piece. Great fun. Equally wonderful for schools or for any adult evening of shorts.
  • Final Rest
    30 Apr. 2020
    A very real and at times raw duologue between two middle-aged sisters, clearing out their mother's house, their own childhood home, after her death. While admitting how much their mother changed through the years they also discover that memory is deceptive (and a bitch) and that intimate connections are the greatest treasure.
  • Disabled
    30 Apr. 2020
    A long suffering middle-aged disabled man is used to philosophically enduring daily abuse on the street, but today it's different. Three low-lifes vent their spleen not only on him but on each other in a powerful four-hander as we discover the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of each. Raw and Real.
  • Spitting the Dummy
    30 Apr. 2020
    A wild ride of a mother-logue that reminds us to lighten up for godsake cause we're all just doing our weary best. Realistic and heartfelt.
  • Fuck Being Good
    30 Apr. 2020
    A solid bit of satire that's so close to the bone that for some it might already be solid, acceptable advice. And that makes it even more (frighteningly) real.
    24 Apr. 2020
    A comic snapshot of a misunderstanding that takes a clever U-turn that leaves everyone happy. Smooth and satisfying as a good shot of Bourbon.
    24 Apr. 2020
    A young actress lets fly with the frustration of the constantly judged, labeled and rejected -"I am the purveyor of magic, electrifying emotions, seismic sentiments and full-throttled word scapes!" A strong monologue that allows the performer a great range of emotion and delivers a powerful twist on self appreciation and dignity.