Recommended by Franky D. Gonzalez

  • Wolves At The Door
    17 Apr. 2020
    An intense, heart-wrenching look at the aftermath of gun violence that reminds you that tragedy continues long after the tragic event. Ali MacLean creates a play that will fill you with outrage, empathy, sadness, and eventual hope. A moving and beautiful play that speaks humanity into an issue that's devolved into impersonal partisan bickering.
  • Legacy Land
    17 Apr. 2020
    This play is like receiving a wave of emotions all at once. You're left trying to navigate everything you've taken in and can't come to anything remotely close to the peace you had before experiencing LEGACY LAND. Masterfully written and pulsing with so much heart and soul. Stacey Rose is at the absolute top of her game with this play. It dives deeply into the heart of abuse and generational trauma. It will make you laugh and cry and make you go back to re-read parts with new eyes after revelations are laid bare. A magnificent play. A marvel.
  • Une Comédie Française
    17 Apr. 2020
    A hilarious period piece that may as well belong to today's modern times. Garrett Bell's Une Comédie Française utilizes so many of the hallmarks of farce and comedy that is both familiar yet refreshing. Most striking (and frankly astounding) about this play is how it is both hilarious and serious at once. You feel equal measures sympathy and schadenfreude at what happens to everyone here. Definitely a play that will be appreciated by period piece lovers and fans of more modern theatre.
  • Between the Surf and the Stars (a monologue)
    10 Apr. 2020
    Scott Sickles presents some of the absolute best meditations on the human condition in the most interesting of circumstances. In this monologue we're taken with Benton deeper and deeper into a love story that becomes more complicated with each passing memory. A dynamite monologue that unfolds with the grace of a flower. It strikes both humor and poignancy in equal measure. Sickles is in total command of his craft here.
  • Y TU ABUELA, WHERE IS SHE? Part 1: Cuando Me Muera
    10 Apr. 2020
    If this is the first draft, I cannot wait to see what Nelson Diaz-Marcano has in store for the future of this play. Told with a searing honesty, Nelson utilizes social issues that plague society to talk about that most important issue: the future. Y TU ABUELA, WHERE IS SHE? is a high stakes drama that spans generations in a single night providing us with the difficult and necessary conversations that will go beyond this family dynamic on stage and into the long-overdue consciousness of people across Latin America. I hope we can see this play produced soon. Magnificent play.
  • Fresno
    10 Apr. 2020
    Meditating on the meaning of forgiveness, the muddiness of memory in the face of trauma, poverty, visions, the desperation behind trying to break the cycle of abusive fatherhood. What doesn't FRESNO by Augusto Amador pack into its pages? And yet, there is not an ounce of fat on this marvel of a play. Every movement is necessary, every action filled with the weight struggles over years trapped in the brutal cycle of poverty. But more, there is love that exists in this play. Love that warps, love that heals, love that gives a way forward, love that burns. A marvel.
  • Ironbound
    9 Apr. 2020
    A masterwork. A beautiful human document spanning over 20 years telling the story of an immigrant surviving and enduring through much more than people should in a too-often cruel world. You will laugh and you will cry, and you will feel so many emotions as you journey with Darja. I can't recommend this play enough.
    8 Apr. 2020
    Nelson Diaz-Marcano takes the structure of the domestic family drama and turns it into an exploration of family dynamics in a Puerto Rican family. The play would be fine on those legs alone, but Nelson takes it a step further and explores both sexuality, identity, immigration, and the toxicity of blind deference to the Latino patriarch. A marvelous play that will keep you reading and watching from first page to last. I hope it finds a long production life.
  • The Siblings Play
    5 Apr. 2020
    Stunned. Absolutely stunned. This play is raw, real, it's burning with energy and passion. It's a play where the words practically leap from the pages and onto the stage. Ren Dara Santiago is an absolute force and this play is an achievement in its portrayals of dysfunction, class struggle, trauma, and love. It's a play that covers hot button issues and the culture of urban struggles without pontificating. A magnificent play, an absolute masterwork. I can't recommend this play enough.
  • Alabaster
    4 Apr. 2020
    There's enough praise and adulation for this play that it almost feels like anything I add will just feel redundant. However here is my attempt...

    ALABASTERby Audrey Cefaly stands as a prime example of how the boundary between tragedy and comedy is razor-thin. Cefaly walks that tightrope and brings together a play that is at once uproariously funny and heartbreakingly sad. Whether you read it or see ALABASTER, you will be moved, hurt, and uplifted all at once. A marvelous play.