Recommended by Franky D. Gonzalez

  • Kings Richard
    2 Apr. 2020
    A father's pride and love for his children reaches beyond any barrier, even when that barrier is insurmountable. A tender, human piece that brings the national pastime together with our ultimate pastime. Any father, no, any parent will feel this play deeply.
  • Envision
    2 Apr. 2020
    In Molly Wagner’s ENVISION we are given a delicate balance between comedy and human drama where three people communicate in a higher realm and each make decisions about next steps going forward. It’s a piece you’ll read again and wonder at. What if it was you? Can you let go if those things that weigh on you? Can you walk through the fire? Will you go alone? Can you afford to wait? So many questions for yourself and so many possibilities given in this lovely play.
  • The Three Brujas
    1 Apr. 2020
    A hilarious take on the Three Witches.
    Written in a way that will leave you in stitches.

    Brujeria, karmic debt, trances, and reincarnation
    Create a marvelously wicked combination.

    Now listen here as I plead,
    Give this play a read.

    Entertainment you'll receive
    Much more than you'd believe.

    Why aren't you yet reading this play?
    Make haste and get to it without delay.

    Dang, it's such a struggle in this age.
    To get people to turn a page.

    Christin's talented without doubt.
    So get to reading and see what the hype is about.

    Really fun play!
  • American Made
    1 Apr. 2020
    AMERICAN MADE takes a conversation about the working conditions in prison and inmate exploitation and creates a portrait of two men attempting to create a better life for themselves in a situation that doesn't offer chances. Christin Eve Cato takes two ends of the spectrum from a debate on how to achieve that better life to the meeting point at the one, most heartbreaking reason men have try to either subvert or conform: his children's welfare. It's a ten-minute packed with all the punch of a full-length.
  • What's Up With Marjorie?
    1 Apr. 2020
    "I gotta love the only life I was given."

    In this powerful play by playwright Christin Eve Cato we see her command of playwriting shine through words that will make you laugh uproariously while breaking your heart at the same time. You find yourself cheering for Marjorie, relating, empathizing, and rooting for things to work out because in your heart you know that her journey through rocky relationships with friends, lovers, and family is like your own. Cato creates an unforgettable experience in WHAT'S UP WITH MARJORIE? that has to be experienced to believe. Read and produce this play immediately.
  • Tucumcari Tonite!
    30 Mar. 2020
    A heartfelt dialogue in an unlikely place being had by two unlikely men about an unlikely subject. Other playwrights wouldn't be able to pull those disparate parts together, but Philip Middleton Williams isn't other playwrights. He creates a hilarious circumstance and shifts it subtly toward the more serious and more deeper exploration of fatherhood, regret, addiction, and shame. It's a lovely two-hander that will stay with you after reading or seeing this show.
  • Status
    22 Mar. 2020
    Words matter. In one minute Kevin King demonstrates this truth to us. This short play goes beyond the 2020 pandemic. It's a lesson we should all take and one that we should refresh ourselves on always. We should question the things we say off-hand and actually study the origin of phrases and their impact, even if it has passed into common parlance. Thank you, Kevin for that reminder through your play.
  • Do Not Touch
    21 Mar. 2020
    As real of a conversation as you will get between two people in the age of a global pandemic. M and D speak with a sparseness that highlights their isolation and distance from the other. It's the stuff of truth and despair, but at its heart beats human empathy, the need for contact, and worry for one another.
    21 Mar. 2020
    Dana Leslie Goldstein creates characters that can only be called human. Which is to say, problematic, passionate, loving, complicated, political, magnificent, and so deeply flawed. DAUGHTERS of the SEXUAL REVOLUTION is like a Shakespearean History in so many ways. It uses the past and its lessons to teach us more about our current moment in history. A beautiful, layered play that bears repeated reading.
  • Vanilla
    21 Mar. 2020
    An exploration of the most base and primal urge that moves the human beast to risk life, limb, and health in the mad pursuit to satiate that craving.

    If you think I'm talking about sex well...

    Read Scott's newest one-minute play, VANILLA. It boils us down beyond the carnal urge to our most basic, most heartbreaking, most human.