Recommended by Adam Szymkowicz

  • House of Joy
    19 Feb. 2018
    This play is so much fun! And funny and touching and exciting! Read it.
  • The Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll'd
    19 May. 2017
    a modern Brecht play. Theatrical and engaging. Jonathan's writing is poetic and devastating.
  • Queen
    19 May. 2017
    Such a cool play.
  • Hooded or Being Black for Dummies
    19 May. 2017
    A deftly written political play. Incisive and direct and beautiful.
  • Cost of Living
    19 May. 2017
    Just saw this at MTC in its first preview. Genius. Beautiful. Human.
  • Next to Him
    19 May. 2017
    So good. So so good. I love sympathetic plays about unsympathetic people.
  • Cam Baby
    19 May. 2017
    Jess has an amazing facility for building plays from the way people talk. Touching, riveting, can't-look-away play. You'll see it somewhere soon, I'm sure.
  • The Found Dog Ribbon Dance
    19 May. 2017
    This play stole my heart.
  • Trees in their youth
    19 May. 2017
    Another excellent play by Dominic. Highly recommend!
  • q u e r e n c i a: an imagined autobiography about forbidden fruits
    19 May. 2017
    Very well wrought. a cool play.