Recommended by Adam Szymkowicz

  • Frelmetsch the Maneater
    27 Apr. 2016
    This is a fun play. Would love to see it staged.
  • Everything is Wonderful
    20 Apr. 2016
    Great play. Chelsea is an immense talent.
  • Everything Flashes
    20 Apr. 2016
    This play made me choke up several times. I love it so much.
  • Kentucky
    2 Jul. 2015
    Terrific play.
  • The Wolves
    2 Jul. 2015
    I love this play. It sneaks up on you in ways you don't expect.
  • Ironbound
    2 Jul. 2015
    simply wonderful!
  • Bridesmaid; or, The Sequel To "27 Ways I Didn't Say 'Hi' To Laurence Fishburne"
    5 Mar. 2015
    I found this charming, funny, touching and heartfelt. A great read!
  • Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest
    13 Feb. 2015
    A gorgeous play about love and loss.